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Behati Prinsloo Opens PINK

There are few people who can get me out of bed at 7:30am on a Saturday morning. Behati Prinsloo is one of them. The Victoria’s Secret PINK stor
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There are few people who can get me out of bed at 7:30am on a Saturday morning. Behati Prinsloo is one of them.

The Victoria’s Secret PINK store celebrated its grand opening in SoHo on Saturday, so I crawled out from under the covers and headed downtown.

Doors opened to customers at 10am, but I got there early to check out the store and chat with Behati, who is one of the brand’s spokesmodels. Despite the awful weather, girls (with PINK umbrellas) were already lining the block by the time I arrived.

The store looked great—the walls are painted with pink and white polka dots and balloons were bouncing around the ceiling. The shelves are packed with piles upon piles of bras, panties and graphic tees and sweats in every color imaginable.

Behati was dressed in all PINK, naturally. She looked amazing in a denim dress, white denim jacket layered over a pink hoodie, white scrunchy socks and some killer brown boots, which her stylist fashioned with hot pink laces. She’s also so much more gorgeous in person and incredibly sweet. We talked before the opening, and here’s what she said to say:

Fashionista: PINK is like Victoria’s Secret little sister. What makes the brand so cute and fun? Behati: They just have a lot of variety of stuff you can wear everyday: bras, panties, sweats, t-shirts. You can have a whole wardrobe of PINK! Everything is flirty and colorful. It’s fun!

You've been modeling for Victoria’s Secret and PINK for a while now. What are some of the things you love to wear everyday? The sweatpants! I wear them everywhere: on the plane, in my house, when I sleep. I love the t-shirts, too. And the plain tanks are great for the beach with the jean shorts.

You always look so flawless. Do you use any VS/PINK beauty products? I like the peach lip gloss—I’m wearing it right now actually. You can wear it during the day and in the evening when you go out. It’s simple and easy. The perfume is great, too. It’s refreshing and youthful.

Name one PINK item that every girl must own. The panties and the sweatpants!

Fashion Month just ended. How was yours? Were you busy? I did New York. I didn’t go to Europe, which I was happy about. I’ve been doing Europe since I started modeling, and it’s always so tiring. By the time you get to Paris your whole mood changes and you don’t feel like yourself—it’s nice to take a season off.

What’s next for you? Editorials, some other jobs; this week I’m working a lot for VS. I’m the kind of person who doesn’t really know what I’m doing until the day before.