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Girl Talk With the Founders of New Fashion Website eVe Without Adam

BERLIN–The Web might already be filled with more fashion-related content than one could possibly process, but that hasn't stopped newcomers from eager
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BERLIN–The Web might already be filled with more fashion-related content than one could possibly process, but that hasn't stopped newcomers from eagerly joining the space.

Consider eVe without adam. Just launched last month, the Berlin-based fashion and culture platform aims to bridge the gap between highly personal blogs and news reporting.

But what really distinguishes the site is its list of contributors: A group of 25 girls.

Located in places like Ibiza, Barcelona, London, Toronto, New York and Berlin, these contributors have individual blogs on the site where they write about their latest discoveries in both English and German. While the team is large, consistency is actually key: Besides each woman’s individual blog, eVe without adam publishes around ten news items per day. Impressive indeed, especially given that the two original founders, Michal Tesler and Mayra Fateh, still have full-time jobs at famous trade show Bread & Butter.

In between blogging and Bread & Butter, Tesler and Fateh sat down with Fashionista for their very first interview on eVe without adam.

Fashionista: Why did you establish eVe without adam with 25 girls instead of simply on your own? eVe without adam: Wth eVe without adam, we wanted to create a community. We believe there’s more energy in the project this way. And we knew a lot of women with blogs so we figured it’d be much easier to combine them. Our bloggers are all friends who we picked for this based on what they do and where they’re from. We have designers, actresses, dancers. There’s a great variety, but they all have either a creative profession or a creative hobby. We also have a mum on board because we wanted to show who today’s woman really is.

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How did the strong international focus come about? A couple of our bloggers write in German, but the main language on eVe without adam is English. We didn’t want to limit ourselves to one city and feel like we live in this digital age where Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Skype play key roles. And we would like to show that while we’re all women living in different corners of the world, we’re still somehow connected through the things we talk about on eVe without adam.

How do you manage the platform’s content? Do you have virtual meetings? No, the bloggers can write whenever and about whatever they want to. We don’t have an impact on that. And then, the two of us write the posts on the main news page and we see each other every day.

What did your colleagues at Bread & Butter say when you started eVe without adam? Bread & Butter has really been pushing us and supporting the project. In fact, some of our colleagues check eVe without adam on a daily basis. And ‘BBB by uslu airlines’ [a nail polish line created in collaboration between Bread & Butter and cosmetics brand Uslu Airlines] is also one of our first advertisers on the website.

Can you tell me more about your advertisers? Well there’s Nike for instance. We had participated in the Nike True City App a while back and have a great connection to the girls in the Nike office here in Berlin. So it was very much a case of women helping women. In general, with advertising, we would like to make sure that we stay individual by working with brands that are in line with who we are and what we do. Because we’re all women and very emotionally involved. So – there’s the main news page, the blogs, the weekly question. Do you involve your readers at all? There will be changes in that respect, especially with the questions asked in the Green Apple section. At the moment, readers can comment on the answers that our contributors leave. But there will be a lot more focus on the network and we are aiming to make this as interactive as possible.

Did you get any requests from outside bloggers yet who would like to get involved? Yes we have already received requests and would love to hear from more, but at the same time, we have to be selective about this. We can’t have like a hundred bloggers on there and we do analyse each and every request multiple times considering in how far this specific blogger would fit in with eVe without adam and how she could add input. But women from Paris, Amsterdam and L.A. are likely to be next on our list.

What about bloggers in cities that are more under-the-radar? To us, the woman is actually more important than where she is from. It’s a nice coincidence if we know a great woman living in a great city. So that woman could also come from a very unusual city. Like Freetown.