Next Fall's Denim: Hudson, JBrand, & More

This week's been packed with market appointments, specifically, denim previews. Here's a rundown of what we've seen, and what you'll see next fall.

This week's been packed with market appointments, specifically, denim previews. Here's a rundown of what we've seen, and what you'll see next fall.

Hudson: The brand's based out of LA, designed by Ben Taverniti, who's French, and features UK flags everywhere, but they showed their collection in midtown New York on Monday. Skinny still reigned, but most styles were embellished with laced up legs, rough seams, and even cut off waistbands. While Ben prefers the reconstructed pair, I loved the skinny baby blues with inside out seams up the back of the leg. A black pair came with bondage straps, while others just zipped every which way. Pro: They fit well, they're super soft, and they don't stretch out. Con: Those buttoned back pockets aren't comfortable if you sit on your bottom all day.

JBrand: JBrand might be the most beloved jean out there, at least in the fashion industry. But even without Proenza Schouler's help, they're getting creative for fall. An olive sateen pant (can't even call it a jean) features zippers on the ankles and seams instead of this season's cargo pockets. There's also a tuxedo legging, and a super thin cord. Their 'dark vintage' and 'big time' washes actually do look vintage instead of something new pretending to be old, and this season, they've introduced an eco-friendly group. Pro: The fit. Everyone looks good in JBrands-and we do mean everyone. Con: The Lovestory may be the best bell bottom on the market, but it's about a foot too long on even the tallest woman, which means it's impossible to tell what they'll look like hemmed.

Rock & Republic: This LA based denim brand doesn't make your everyday jeans, they're slashed, studded and streaked with silver. They've added printed leggings to the mix for fall, and a new, lower priced line targeted toward a younger customer called Rock is King. Their shoes are pretty major, too--massive 5" platforms with studs and spikes everywhere. Pro: They gave me a pair of super skinny navy blue jeans. They're the stretchiest pair of non-legging pants I've ever worn, but they're comfortable and flattering. (I've been wearing them for two days now, and I've gotten a handful of compliments.) Con: They run a little small, and it's never fun buying up. Plus they're insanely long, so you'll need to get them hemmed.

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James Jeans Icons: I'm a fan of the James Jeans Twiggy, but designer Seun Lim's finally debuting her new line, James Jeans Icons. It's her "Premium" denim line, which means it's more expensive, but not without reason. The highlight's the denim jeans with leather detail. Black or brown patches are sewn on each thigh, or individual studs across the knee--but they're still washable. She showed leather jackets, fox fur vests and the now requisite sweatpant. (We didn't try these on, so not going to leave pros & cons, but they look awesome.)

DL1961: This New York-based brand champions the four-way stretch, which we're not huge fans of. (Honestly, it doesn't suck you in, it just leaves you where you are, and that's not terribly flattering.) However, we do like their new ankle length trouser style in inky blue. It has a flat front and a side zip, which will look great with a white blouse knotted at the waist. Pros: Their cuts are super-flattering. As are their color ways. Cons: Four way stretch just feels weird.