Russian Fashion Week has been around for nearly a decade. In fact, this April 1-7, it'll produce its 20th season of runway shows.

While RFW may fall into the secondary fashion week category--alongside cities like Berlin and Los Angeles--it's an important way for Eastern European designers to gain attention from the West and for Western designers to find buyers in the East.

While over 50 designers from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Croatia and Lithuania will show, it'll also welcome talents from as far as Italy and Sri Lanka. Additionally, RFW will hold a British Day, underwritten by the British Fashion Council. Brit designers showing on the runway include Clare Lopeman, Eley Kishimoto and PPQ.

For brands like PPQ and Eley Kishimoto, which have a big following in Europe and a decent following in the US and Southern Asia, exposure like this in Russia--a country that still believes in conspicuous consumption--could mean big things financially. Good luck to the designers, wherever they may hail from.

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