12 of Broadway's Brightest Young Stars Show Off Their Style

Curtain Call! These 12 young actors may be all the rage, on and off Broadway (and on TV and the silver screen as well), but what caught our eye was their personal style. Whether cruising around the Lower East Side, or sneaking out the stage entrance on to 45th st., there isn’t a moment when these dozen dudes aren’t looking dapper. We were so impressed with the style rocked by these dreamboats, we asked them to be photographed in just their own duds: No photo studio, no pulled clothes, no stylists, no makeup. Just a style all their own.

These 12 young actors may be all the rage, on and off Broadway (and on TV and the silver screen as well), but what caught our eye was their personal style. Whether cruising around the Lower East Side, or sneaking out the stage entrance on to 45th st., there isn’t a moment when these dozen dudes aren’t looking dapper.

We were so impressed with the style rocked by these dreamboats, we asked them to be photographed in just their own duds: No photo studio, no pulled clothes, no stylists, no makeup. Just a style all their own.

Seth Numrich Age: 23 Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota Fashion Credit: American Apparel "Sustainable Edition" organic cotton shirt, Zara bag.

Numrich, who occupies his time with cutting edge work—like Dutch Masters, currently running at The Cherry Pit, and On The Levee, which he’s prepping for its world premiere in June (he’s also done shows at Rattlesnake, as well as Chuck Mee's Iphigenia 2.0, directed by Tina Landau, at the Signature)—barely has any time to breathe, never mind give an interview. But the dashing, chiseled young Julliard graduate did it anyway. When it comes to his work, which includes appearances on the TV series Gravity, it seems Numrich has a hard time saying no.

How would you describe the way you dress? I guess I'd say I try to pull off a "green" style. Most of what I wear is either second hand ("recycled" as I like to call it). When I can afford it, I spring for stuff that is made locally and from eco-friendly materials. I have a few designer items, but I wish I actually knew where and how they were made. Who are your style icons? One of my acting icons is also a style inspiration for me: Ryan Gosling. He's an incredible actor and always has a cool, classic style. I also like that he's not afraid to be outspoken with his style, like wearing a "Save Darfur" t-shirt to awards shows. I also love Leonardo DiCaprio (also a role model as an actor/environmental activist) because he always looks good and encourages people to wear green.

Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? I've been pretty lucky with auditions, but one time I was in a commercial where I had to dance around in a full body chicken costume. Between takes they had to take the head off and put ice packs on my neck so I wouldn't pass out. Good times.

Worst costume piece you've ever had? I did a play set in the nineties and the costume designer wanted me to wear these horrible chunky old Doc Martins, with white tube socks and highwater jeans. I was like, “just because it's the nineties doesn't mean I have to look like an idiot.” I ended up talking them out of it.

Items you won't take off this summer? As long is the sun is out I'll be sporting my awesome sunglasses I got for two bucks at an antique store upstate, in Cold Spring, NY.

Favorite store no one has heard of: I lived in Seattle for a while and found awesome stuff at a recycled fashion store called Crossroads Trading Co. Apparently they have locations all over the West Coast. Tattoos? I played a character recently with a bunch of tattoos, so any desire I had for them is out of my system...for now.

Boxers/Briefs/Other? Boxer briefs.

What are you working on now? A great new play called Dutch Masters with LAByrinth Theater Co, performing at The Cherry Pit through the end of May, followed by a very exciting project called On the Levee with LCT3, which will be running in June and July at the Duke on 42nd Street. You can also see me on the show Gravity, a new original series for the Starz Network, Fridays at 10:30pm through June 25, or on Netflix.

Andre Holland Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama Fashion Credit: Vintage 1955 Vespa, Vintage YSL sunglasses

If you think performing the night your mom and dad come to the theater might be stressful, try knowing that President Obama is in the crowd. That was the situation facing Andre Holland, a cast member in August Wilson’s Tony-winning Come and Gone. But the Florida State and NYU grad survived—shone, in fact—and the president even sent word that he’d loved the play. How’s that for a critical endorsement! How would you describe the way you dress? It varies. Today I’m in a preppy, downtown cool kind of mood, but I love old things, so I'm usually in something vintage.

Who are your style icons? I don't really have an icon but maybe a mix of Tom Ford and my dad in the seventies. Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? Stilettos. Worst costume piece you've ever had to wear? Those damn stilettos!

Items you won't take off this summer? My vintage white silk tuxedo jacket. I love it!

Favorite store no one has heard of: A shoe store in Florence near Piazza Santo Spirito. I can't afford the shoes, but I love watching the guy make them.

Tattoos? No, none.

Boxers, Briefs or other? I'm a boxer brief kind of guy. What are you working on now? I just did a pilot for NBC and am doing a play this summer. I'm also doing some work with a school in my hometown that helps kids in the juvenile justice system.

Matt Burns Age: 26 Hometown: Sioux Falls, South Dakota Fashion Credit: APC jeans

Somewhere between Brooklyn hipster and leading man falls Matt Burns (though he would wince if he heard us call him either). When we visited his Bushwick loft, the day after his birthday party, Matt looked inexplicably perfect for a guy who’d just rolled out of bed. Between stories of building his owns salsa company and the difficulties of backyard gardening, he mixed Michelada’s while his girlfriend cooked up a batch of crepes. He made sure we took some of his Brooklyn Salsa home with us. It was actually pretty good.

How would you describe the way you dress? As much punk rock as migrant farm hand. I have staple pieces and a very small wardrobe. Denim, leather, organic cotton tees. I wear clothes for a few days at a time and rarely take off my jeans. I live in my wardrobe. Who are your style icons? Peter Fonda in Easy Rider. Jean Louis Barrault for his casual, intellectual style, his movement clothes. Steve McQueen, Clint Eastwood on horseback, Sam Shepard. Serge Gainsbourg or Leonard Cohen for evenings. Samuel Beckett when I'm smoking and reading. Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? I went full drag to tape for Powder Blue which came out last year with Forest Whitaker and Patrick Swayze: a Spanish transvestite hooker on heroin looking for love in all the wrong places. My ex-girlfriend dressed me and did my make-up, I went wig shopping, all that. Worst costume piece you've ever had? Worst or Best, we'll see. Chris Abbott and I have an episode of Criminal Intent coming up in which I lead an underground vampire coven in modern day NYC. We based the costumes off of Alan Cumming in Cabaret. Suspenders and excessive sexual appetites. I died my hair black to shoot and then shaved my head and took off for Central America to recollect.

Items you won't take off this summer? I bought a Nudie Denim Jacket straight off the runway this season and stitched a handmade patch with my bands name onto the back. “Poorsports,” spelled huge with wall paint. I'm really excited about it. Someone can peel me out of it after the disastrous summer I'm about to have. I also picked up a Skingraft Los Angeles Holster that I'm wearing underneath a lot. I like pockets. My WWII Zippo will also be in my pocket.

Favorite store no one has heard of? Haegle's Western Wear in my hometown of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. When I was 15 I'd get tight Wrangler, polyester, pleated pants and cowboy boots from there. Then I'd rock ripped t-shirts of bands I'd seen play in basements and garages. Some of my friends in the Midwest still have way better style than you. And bigger beards too.

Tattoos? I have a Mountain Range tattooed across my abs. It's 20" long and 6" high, big, and all black. I've had it for a long time. It represents the journey as destination, it represents vision and knowledge. My next tattoo is going to be circular wave frequencies of my voice on my forearm. Maybe a couple teardrops. Boxers, Briefs or other? Boxer Briefs for the city. Nothing for Brooklyn. What are you working on now? I'm Co-Founder of The Brooklyn Salsa Company, launching June 1st in NYC. We have a salsa flavor for each borough. Organic, Local, Direct Trade, the highest quality product on the market. Period. My first novel, Lonely.Lonely. will be released this summer. I'm recording an album with my Punk band, PoorSports. Current Film Projects: The Lion and The Bull, and Jonathan. Upcoming Television: Law and Order: Criminal Intent, The Good Wife. Upcoming Theatre projects: Osama the Hero, Nocturne. And then maybe I'm moving to Paris. Fuck this shit.

Patrick Heusinger Age: 29 Hometown: Jacksonville, FL Fashion Credit: Diesel jeans, Vans shoes, American Apparel shirt

Standing well over six feet with broad shoulders, Patrick Heusinger looks more like a leading quarterback than a Broadway baritone. Recently honored at they Owles Gay Pride Awards Ceremony for his sensitive portrayal of a gay character in Next Fall (Tony-nominated for Best Play), Patrick has the chops to match his cheekbones. We scheduled to meet him near Jack’s coffee house in the West Village, not knowing that, not so long ago, Patrick played music there. Triple threat, anyone?

How would you describe the way you dress? White-Trash Metro

 Who are your style icons? James Dean in Giant. And Kurt Cobain when I was younger. I was obsessed.

Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? I've never really worn anything odd or been asked to. I've semi-stripped down for a part that called for it, though. Nothing too graphic. Appropriate for the scene. That's an "outfit," right?

Worst costume piece you've ever had? Stilts and a Giant Antler Helmet for a Knight Who Says “Ni” in Monty Python’s Spamalot.

Items you won't take off this summer? Jeans. I'm a boy. We wear the same pair over and over (of course, we wash them…or do we?)

Favorite store no one has heard of: Odin. Okay, maybe it's been "heard of."

Tattoos? None. Made a promise to my mom when I was eight.

Boxers/Briefs/Other? Other: boxer-briefs.

 What are you working on now? Broadway's Next Fall, produced by Elton John and David Furnish.

Christopher Abbott Age: 24 Hometown: Stamford, Connecticut Fashion Credit: Outback Trading Company hat; Fillipa K jeans

Chris is a self-described “euro-mutt,” with strands of Portuguese and Eastern European in his bloodline. Cool, calm, and collected, he didn’t complain once as we trudged all over the West Village (stumbling on the set of one of Andy Samberg’s SNL digital shorts), looking for the right place to get the shot. Currently appearing in director Polly Stenham’s dark (dark, dark) comedy That Face, Christopher’s subdued, easy look shields a performance that is as layered as it is shocking.

How would you describe the way you dress? I guess every day practical would sum it up best. Who are your style icons? Jean-Paul Belmondo in Peirrot Le Fou had a pretty cool look. Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? I went pretty goth for a Law and Order audition once, but it was wannabe goth, so legit goths on the street smelled the phony on me.

Worst costume piece you've ever had to wear? No clothes at all.

Items you won't take off this summer? My safari style hat, in place of wearing sunglasses.

Favorite store no one has heard of: I’ll say Buffalo Exchange because I’m never the first to know.

Tattoos? Nope. Boxers/Briefs/Other? Boxer briefs

What are you working on now? Doing a play called That Face by Polly Stenham, at Manhattan Theatre Club; Sarah Benson directed it. I am truly loving doing it.

Peter Scanavino Age: 30 Hometown: Evergreen, Colorado Fashion Credit: Ray Ban glasses; Raymond Weill watch

Having never acted before (no high school plays, no community theatre), it was a mild shock to Peter when he made his Broadway debut opposite Brian F. O’Byrne in Shining City in 2006, and then in Eric Bogosian’s subUrbia later that year. While he hasn’t been on stage since 2008’s off-Broadway production of Boy’s Life, it doesn’t mean the hilarious actor hasn’t kept busy. He’s done TV spots, on shows like Law and Order, and has three films in the works, including Happythankyoumoreplease, which comes out in August.

How would you describe the way you dress? Reggae skinhead-Amish-mountain man. Who are your style icons? Mark Twain and the Gallagher brothers.

Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? I don’t really get super dressed up for auditions, but I always find it funny auditioning for war themed projects because without fail, every person there is wearing some article of green clothing as if to say, “Hey I'm not getting dressed up, but can’t you just imagine me wearing a full out military get up!” Worst costume piece you've ever had? This was both lame and cool at the same time. I did a play once where I had to run onto stage wearing the costume of a Thai king. I had no shirt on, just this elaborate coat, and puffy purple silk pants that where right out of MC Hammer’s closet. What made it particularly funny was my incredibly white chest with a collar tan line. I don’t think I was really pulling off the King of Siam.

What won't you take off this summer? It just turned a batch of old ratty white t-shirts into cool blue tie-dyes. I foresee them getting quite a bit of wear this summer.

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Favorite store no one has heard of (anywhere in the world)? I would have to say 99x on East 10th street. They have really cool British imports and are the only place in NY that you can get Fred Perry European fit shirts. Someone told me it recently closed though, which would be a bummer. Tattoos? Nope.

Boxers, Briefs or other? Yes please. What are you working on now? I’m in a movie called Happythankyoumoreplease, so that should be cool. Other than that I'm slowly but surely fixing up my new apartment in Crown Heights.

Paul Iacono Age: 21 Hometown: Secaucus, New Jersey Fashion credit: Bowtie, shirt, and vest by Ben Sherman

At first glimpse of Paul Iacono, you’d never think of Frank Sinatra, but at four years old the New Jersey native was already debuting his crooner act at Don’t Tell Mama’s, the famous cabaret. Over the years, Paul has shared the stage and screen with theatre legends including Elaine Stritch in Sailing Away, Christine Ebersole in Mame, Sherie Rene Scott in Landscape of the Body and Bebe Neuwirth, Megan Mullally, and Debbie Allen in Fame. Next up, the starring role MTV’s first scripted show in…Forever: The Hard Times of RJ Berger. How would you describe the way you dress? Sixties mod meets Lower East Side counter culture.

Who are your style icons? The beat generation and Warhol's superstars.

Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? I've had some pretty ambitious audition outfits over the years, but once I stripped down to my briefs (because it said the character did so in the scene I was reading). Suffice to say I did not get the role. Worst costume piece you've ever had to wear? Skin colored banana hammocks. My character RJ on Hard Times has a lot of almost-nudity so they've become an unfortunate regular in my costume wardrobe.

What won’t you take off this summer? My Persols. They're classic and not over played.

Favorite store no one has heard of: Buffalo Exchange. It's not too much of a secret now, but they have great vintage stuff.

Tattoos? Some day. Boxers/Briefs/Other? Briefs.

What are you working on now? My show Hard Times of RJ Berger is premiering June 6 on MTV. This summer I am finessing some of my playwriting and working on the show The Last Smoker in America.

Wesley Taylor Age: 23 Hometown: Orlando, Florida Fashion Credit: vintage

When the producers of the smash-hit The Adams Family were looking for a “normal” boy to sweep little Wednesday off her feet, they found Wesley Taylor, but spend five minutes with the young actor, or glimpse his theater rap sheet, and you quickly realize that Taylor is anything but. Part of the original cast of the Tony-nominated Rock of Ages, the diminutive star with big pipes was one of Charles Isherwood’s critic’s pics in 2009 and remains one of the most captivating, crowd-pleasing performers on the scene. The Addams Family recently came in third place in Broadway’s box office receipts, butting it ahead of Billy Elliot and Jersey Boys.

How would you describe the way you dress? Fun, casual, comfortable. Who are your style icons? Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs.

Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? One time I wore complete camouflage when I auditioned for the play House of Blue Leaves, because the character wears camo. It was very foolish of me to wear my version of the costume for an audition, but I am obsessed with the play and desperately wanted the part. When you’re desperate, you behave foolishly.

Worst costume piece you've ever had to wear? Well, in college I played Falstaff in Henry IV. By conventional standards, the costume was the pits. I wore hideous clothes on top of a fat bodysuit with a prosthetic nose, gray beard, gray sort-of Einstein-looking wig, and orthopedic shoes. Having said that, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. The worst costume was when they put me in jeans that didn’t quite fit me and a boring white t-shirt for West Side Story, cause it was, well…just so ordinary. Items you won't take off this summer? I still haven’t installed my air conditioner and now that it’s “New York hot” again, I’ll probably remain pretty naked most days. Oh, you mean outside in public? I have like 5 different pairs of boat shoes that have been sitting in my closet getting jealous of all my different Converse, but their time has come.

Favorite store no one has heard of: Just got introduced to

Michael Esper Hometown: NYC Fashion Credit: Shirt and jeans by Levis

Every good group needs at least one punk, and Michael Esper is ours. Starring in Green Day’s Tony-nominated rock musical, American Idiot, Michael effortlessly meshes New York downtown with the Bay Area hardcore from which that group emerged. But the smash hit musical is just the most recent in a long list of Michael’s theater credits, which have included Lincoln Center for A.R. Gurney’s Big Bill, Manhattan Theater Club’s The Four of Us and A Long Day’s Journey into Night in Dublin. Most parents roll their eyes when their kids start rocking blue hair, Michael’s must be beaming; they run the William Esper Studio acting school (whose alumni include Larry David, Aaron Eckhart, Kristin Davis, Jeff Goldblum, and Timothy Olyphant).

How would you describe the way you dress? Right now my hair is black and blue, so I'm wearing a lot of black. And blue. I mean, some blue. But mostly black.

Who are your style icons? I love David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Joe Strummer, Paul Weller. But I don't dress like them, I just think they're amazing. Also, because of working on the show with Green Day and building that world with them, their stylistic sensibility has become pretty influential.

Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? I think I've blocked out most of these memories. I have a vague recollection of dressing up like a cowboy for something? But that may just be from my childhood. Worst costume piece you've ever had to wear? Hats can be complicated, especially period hats, even when they're amazing. It's always a conversation, and sometimes an argument, between me and the hat, about what's what, who's wearing who, like that. You really have to take charge. Period hats can be very passive aggressive. What items won't you take off this summer? My black jeans. I can't wear shorts. I don't care how hot it gets.

Favorite store no one has heard of: Permanent Records is a record store In Greenpoint, Brooklyn and one of my favorite places on earth. There's also this place called Old Hollywood in Greenpoint that's got great vintage stuff.

Tattoos? I wear fake ones for the show, a red cardinal and 1977 across my wrist. I want some real ones bad, but the idea of having something irremovable on my body is problematic for me acting-wise. But I may get one soon. Boxers/Briefs/Other? Diapers. But like, hot diapers.

What are you working on now? Green Day's American Idiot on Broadway at the St. James theater.

Matt Doyle Age: 23 Hometown: San Francisco, California Fashion Credit: APC jacket, Levis pants, Converse shoes

We met Matt, and his two dogs (Jake and Layla) near his Hell’s Kitchen apartment, steps away from the Eugene O’Neill theater where he played Hanschen in the Tony-winning musical, Spring Awakening. A former army brat and student of the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art, over the past two years he’s played Hugo Peabody in Bye Bye Birdie, as well as Eric Van der Woodsen’s BF (not bff) on Gossip Girl. A regular at Joe’s Pub and other singer/songwriter havens, theater fans are atwitter about the gossip Matt might be cast in a Broadway production of Disney’s Newsies.

How would you describe the way you dress? Clean-cut urban. Who are your style icons? The Beatles. Bob Dylan. Mostly artists from the early sixties era. They got it right. When I lived in London, I became obsessed with Hedi Slimane while he worked for Dior Homme. As a result, I spent way too much money on clothing for a bit. Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? Once I had to dress up to look exactly like Paul McCartney in A Hard Day's Night. I had the hair perfect and everything.

Worst costume piece you've ever had? Dance. Belt. Items you won't take off this summer? Nothing better than a simple white tee shirt and jeans in the summer. 

Favorite store no one has heard of: I miss the Blues Jean Bar in San Francisco. I used to go there all the time. They had a huge selection and I always walked out with a pair of jeans. I hate shopping for jeans because I can never find a pair I really like but that place always had something.

Tattoos? I wish! I really don't know if I could pull off a tattoo.

Boxers/Briefs/Other? Jock strap. Kidding. Ummm, boxer briefs. Occasionally briefs. What are you working on now?

Putting a gig together at Feinstein's this summer. I'm singing there on July 26. It's an amazing venue and I'm beyond excited.

Philip Ettinger Age: 24 Hometown: Fair Lawn, New Jersey Fashion Credit: American Apparel jeans

Developing his sensitivities working for nearly a decade (with his dad) at a school for autistic children, the boyish Ettinger (who can be found walking a baby bulldog near his home in the East Village) appears in TV series like Mercy and films like Joel Schumacher’s upcoming drama, Twelve. The inspiration for this portfolio, Ettinger caught the authors’ eyes at a Broadway premiere, where amongst a thousand monkey suits, he rocked the same t-shirt and jacket you see in the photo above. How would you describe the way you dress? I guess I don't really think about it too much. Usually I'll find an article of clothing that I love such as a cool jacket that I find at a thrift store and let that inspire what I wear around it. Basically I try to find things to wear that make me feel confident when I have them on.

Who are your style icons? Not to sound crazy cliché, but I've always had a fascination with James Dean since I was young and I'm sure that's been an influence. Other actors’ styles like Steve McQueen and John Travolta (in the seventies) have also definitely inspired the way I dress at different times. Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? This is more of a lack of outfit, but when I first came out of school I remember a commercial audition where I had to go in with another guy and we both had to improvise shaving each others backs while we were shirtless. It was supposed to be a funny thing, but I didn’t mind not booking that job. Worst costume piece you've ever had to wear? I did this production of Romeo and Juliet where we all had to wear dance belts under our outfits (tights, codpiece, etc). Never wore a dance belt before that show, wouldn't be too sad if I never had to wear one again. Items you won't take off this summer? A friend of mine gave me these two rings from Chrome Hearts one night. I've worn them almost everyday since I've had them. I like the feeling of the weight on my hand.

Favorite store no one has heard of: I can't remember the name of it, but there was this amazing thrift store that I would always go to when I lived in London, near Camden town I think. Always had the coolest shirts and hats. Tattoos? .....

Boxers/Briefs/Other? Boxer briefs What are you working on now? I have this movie called Twelve coming out July 4 weekend. It's directed by Joel Schumacher and stars 50 Cent, Chace Crawford, Ellen Barkin, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, Zoe Kravitz, and a bunch of other great actors. It's based on the best selling book of the same name written by Nick McDonell. Got to see it at Sundance, it's a really fun and gritty film.

Adam Chanler-Berat Age: 23 Hometown: Rockland County, New York Fashion Credit: American Eagle shirt (hand-me-down from older brother), Levis jeans, BDG sweatshirt, Pony shoes.

An original cast member in the Pulitzer Prize-winning Next To Normal, Adam is a cheerful, and funny, as his smile indicates. When not killing it on Broadway, he sings regularly at Joe’s Pub with his cast mate, the stunning Jennifer Damiano.

How would you describe the way you dress? If my brothers' 5th grade hand-me-downs made a baby with Urban Outfitters.

Who are your style icons? Elvis Costello. The Little Rascals. Most memorable/bizarre audition outfit? Shirtless. I think I scared everyone with my protruding ribs. And thus did not book the job.

Worst costume piece you've ever had? I played Mr. MacAfee in a middle school production of Bye Bye Birdie. I borrowed one of my dad's oversize argyle sweater vests. And swam in it. Looking back on it, the hipsters would have eatin' that thing up.

Items you won't take off this summer? My bracelets. They're a part of my show costume. My only true friends. Eat, sleep, shower. All with these wrist friends.

Favorite store no one has heard of: The Gap.

Tattoos? Contemplating my first. Boxers, Briefs or other? Boxer-Briefs. But recently getting into the brief. Thank you, American Apparel. What are you working on now? My new apartment. It's a never ending process. And writing music and playing out with my band, Socially Unacceptable Sweaters.