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Domenico Vacca Denim: Well-Made Jeans for Flashy Dudes

And there's a pair named "The Jeremy Piven."
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Before heading over to the launch event for Domenico Vacca’s new denim line, I did some Googling.

Unfortunately, the photos unearthed made me a bit skeptical. The button flies, rips here and there, washed-out whiskers, gold ‘DV’ logo--which is suspiciously similar to the DvF logo--on every seam…seemed like, frankly, a bit too much. But Edmund Hon tried to change my mind.

Hon, VP of marketing for the new denim line, guided me through the collection, explaining every detail on each of the ten men’s styles (sorry ladies--women’s won’t debut until spring 2011). “The collection is really about translating Domenico’s suits into denim,” Hon told me. The sartorial stitching, the shirt fabric lining in the waists, and the “handmade with love” tag inside of the fly are all signatures of a Domenico Vacca suit. Which makes the collection feel really well-connected to the brand as a whole.

As for the dreaded back pockets--where most flashy denim designers go awry--DV denim keeps it clean and simple with a pretty amazing folded pleat.

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With prices starting at $345, Vacca is positioning himself well above favored men's blue jean brands like Rock & Republic, Diesel, and True Religion. Will denim fans bite? Maybe, especially if they're suckers for celebrity tie-ins. Indeed, several styles are named after Vacca's famous friends, including Jeremy Piven, Forest Whitaker, and Mickey Rourke.