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Fashion School Honorable Mentions

While researching the world's top fashion schools, we were excited to learn about some up-and-coming programs. And we expect to see great things out of them in the next decade. In no particular order, they are....

While researching the world's

Pratt Institute: --140 fashion design students --Tuition (not including room and board): $41,000/year Famous grads: Jeremy Scott,

Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD):

--526 fashion design students --Tuition (not including room and board): $27,765/year Famous grads: None yet, but we’re watching closely.

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What they have going for them: --Lots of resources are being put into the fashion program. It was recently split off from the larger school of design and is now called the School of Fashion.

Rhode Island School of Design (RISD): --170 students in apparel design/textiles; 42 jewelry/metalsmithing --Tuition (not including room and board): $39,000/year -Famous grads: Nicole Miller, Sari Gueron, Philip Crangi, Marcia Patmos, Sarah Welsh & Madeline Davy (Octopi)

What they have going for them: --History. The school was established in 1888. --Part of one of the most renowned and well-respected design schools in the world. --The jewelry/metalsmith program and textiles program are unique and very few schools have programs like them. --Proximity to the creative and artistic minds of RISD at-large could be very inspiring. Buy how this translates to marketability and tangible outcomes is uncertain. --The first year is devoted to a fine arts foundation. --Ability to cross-register at Brown University.

What they need to work on: --The fashion design school is really small. --Same problem as SCAD--off the beaten path. --Not a lot of big-name industry professionals involved in the program. It still seems a bit provincial in that way.