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Most Influential Personal Style Bloggers

Fashionista's compiled a list of the most influential personal style bloggers right now.

In the suddenly web-obsessed world of fashion, bloggers are some of the industry's brightest stars. But it's one group of bloggers--not those of us who report on news, or those tracking trends--who garner the greatest amount of spotlight.

Personal style bloggers put themselves out there. Not only do they share their favorite fashions, trends, and ideas, they also take pictures of themselves wearing their favorite looks on a daily basis.

So it's no wonder those in the fashion industry and beyond have embraced personal style bloggers as internet celebrities. Brands like Coach and Urban Outfitters have even hired some of them to design product.

Fashionista's compiled a list of the most influential personal style bloggers right now: The ones really worth the advertising campaigns, endorsement deals and guest design stints. While our methods aren't scientific, we did take these factors into consideration: monthly unique users, monthly pageviews, Twitter followers, Google News mentions, and the amount--and what kind of--advertising these style sensations have on their Web sites. We also considered the overall appeal of the person. (For more information on our methodology, email us.)

Here's our list. Who'd be on yours?

1. Tavi Gevinson 
14-year-old blogger Tavi Gevinson appears unstoppable. Not only does the fashion industry lover her and respect what she has to say, she's become a sort of a teen sensation--a first for fashion journalism.

2. Susanna Lau, aka Susie Bubble 
Lau's one of those rare bloggers that's also an amazing stylist. Her upfront and unassuming dialogue allows her talent for making anything look good shine. The London-based Lau, who recently ended a stint at Dazed Digital, is also known for introducing unknown designers to a larger audience.

3. Rumi Neely 
The 25-year-old Neely's success can be credited to her highly-constructed photo shoots, which look more like amateur magazine editorials than a family album. Since launching the blog in 2007, Neely's designed for RVCA. She's also repped by NEXT modeling agency.

4. Joanna Goddard  
Magazine writer Joanna Goddard's blog is a mix of personal style pictures, recipes, fashion and diary entries. The popularity of A Cup of Jo can be attributed to its accessibility. Goddard's the person we all want to be, but she's nice about it.

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5. Hanneli Mustaparta 
We didn't include photographers on this list because they don't typically photograph themselves that often, but Norwegian model-turned-blogger Hanneli Mustaparta's different. Not only do we want to look like her, we want to shoot like her, too.

6. Alix Bancourt 
Bancourt, who's based in Paris and started The Cherry Blossom Girl in 2007, might not have as big of a following Stateside, but her influence is growing. She's got that certain je ne sais quoi style-obsessed Americans love.

7. Bryan Boy 
The blog that started it all. Bryan Boy launched his personal diary back in 2004, soon enough, he was buddies with Marc Jacobs. While Bryan doesn't post stories every day, he does have loyal fans who keep coming back. As well as a good amount of advertising.

8. Ji 
Ji, the founder of Luxirare, takes lots of photos--of herself, the amazing el Bulli-inspired food she makes, and the beautiful clothes she designs. But you'll never see her face. And that's the beauty of Luxirare--It's less about the person and more about the product and the mystique around the product. (Talk about building a brand!)

9. Gala Darling 
New Zealand-born Darling lives and works in New York, where she blogs, writes and offers to do speeches for a hefty fee. Her unapologetically positive approach has earned her a significant readership.

10. Jane Aldridge 
Aldridge, 18, is the girl with everything. Even before Chanel was loaning her dresses to wear to the Crillion Ball, the Texas debutante had closets full of YSL, Givenchy...the list goes on. Some love her fashion sense--she designed a collection for Urban Outfitters, in fact--some envy her lifestyle to the point of utter hatred.