Who Should've Been on Vogue's June Cover?

Vogue's June issue features Blake Lively, her second cover in two years. While Blake surely seems like a lovely girl, her style is all about showing

Vogue's June issue features Blake Lively, her second cover in two years.

While Blake surely seems like a lovely girl, her style is all about showing off her hot body, and she's most famous for acting in teen TV shows and movies, not exactly "modern American woman" material.

The June issue is usually a slower one, without many films coming out until 4th of July weekend, and there's not much fashion news. So why not experiment more with the cover?

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Carey Mulligan

Since arriving on the scene in last summer's An Education, Carey Mulligan has quickly become a fashion darling. Not afraid to experiment with Lanvin, Prada, Bottega Veneta, and Miu Miu, Ms. Mulligan has the fashion cred to be in Vogue. She also just appeared on Interview's May cover, priming her for that coveted spot.

Kristen Wiig

Kristen Wiig is America's new favorite funny woman. As the only permanent female cast member on SNL, she makes America laugh with sketches like the Target Lady and Penelope. She's also incredibly pretty, very well known, and looks great in almost anything, as her spread in V proved. We're almost certain that everyone loves Kristen Wiig, but considering it took Vogue years to put Tina Fey on the cover, we won't get our hopes up.

Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss, and January Jones

Any permutation of Mad Men's leading ladies is fine by us. Season four premiers July 25, so a June cover is perfect timing to generate buzz. Vogue hasn't done a group cover in a while, and these women would be perfect together, providing the talent for a great themed spread (we're seeing "The Women of Mad Men in the Fashions of the Future"). Plus, if anyone can style Christina Hendricks appropriately, we think it's Vogue.

Zoe Saldana

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Zoe Saldana has made every best-dressed list, including ours, since December. She's routinely seen in the likes of Givenchy, Calvin Klein, and Prabal Gurung, and has adorned many covers since the release of Avatar. We think Zoe is a fashion dream, and we're sure Vogue would agree.

Anna Paquin

True Blood returns on June 13, and who better to represent the drama in Vogue than Anna Paquin? She's definitely well known (ahem, Oscar), and extremely stylish in her Alexander McQueen and Burberry ensembles. Paquin is just the gracious, timeless beauty with a hit show that Vogue loves to cover.

Crystal Renn

She appeared in almost every major magazine this spring, and walked the Chanel Resort 2011 show in St. Tropez. There's no doubting Crystal is having a moment. With Karl's approval, Crystal is ready for Vogue; like Anna says, “He’s the master, so whatever he says, I obey.”

Emily Blunt

Everyone in the fashion world knows Emily Blunt after her amazing performance as Miranda Priestly's first assistant in The Devil Wears Prada. Maybe it's this performance that's keeping her off Vogue, because she has all the necessary credentials: Beautiful, British, and can carry dramatic designer clothes with ease. Fresh off her performance in The Young Victoria and with movies coming out in the fall, Emily is ready for her Vogue cover.

Emma Stone, Lea Michele, and Amanda Seyfried

While individually these girls may not be able to carry Vogue, together they pack quite a punch. Glee has made Lea Michele a household name, Amanda Seyfried's career has taken a more dramatic turn (see Chloe for proof), and Emma Stone keeps it comical in the upcoming flick Easy A. If Vogue wants to go youthful, we'd prefer this power trio over Lively.

Betty White

Let's be honest: Betty White makes everything better. We wanted her in the Prada show, we wanted her on SNL, we want her on Vogue. She's an American icon, a powerful woman, and, no offense Betty, but from the looks of that dress, needs the fashion advice.