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8 Bridesmaids Dresses You Won't Want to Chuck

I met Adrianna Giuliani--VP at Ketchum, blogger, and pro-bridesmaid--at a party last week. We got to talking about bridesmaids dresses. I've only had the honor once. She's been a bridesmaid six times. I recently had the floor length Thread bridesmaid's dress I wore to my friend's wedding shortened to mini-dress length. Guiliani takes a different tack when it comes to dealing with her bridesmaids dresses: She leaves them in her hotel room closets. "Now don’t get me wrong, I relish in being a bridesmaid," says Guiliani. "I’ve be known for putting the 'party' in wedding party...but there is one thing I won’t do for the bride--and that’s hang on to my bridesmaid dress."

I met Adrianna Giuliani--VP at

Fair enough. When you've got limited closet space, is there any point in saving the taffeta frocks and dyed-to-match pumps you'll likely never wear again?

But it doesn't have to be that way. Lauren's bridesmaids will wear these adorable shifts from that cost under $50 (future brides take note!) and are totally wearable post-wedding.

Click through for our guide to bridesmaid dresses you'll want to take home with you after the wedding.

Cotton Candy Madeleine Dress, $99.99

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