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Lela Rose Resort: We Can't Decide What We Want More, Her Collection or Her Apartment

Steff and I took the subway one stop downtown to check out Lela Rose’s Resort 2011 collection, which she showed yesterday in her newly renovated, gallery-like apartment. We walked into a huge open space with floor to ceiling windows and were greeted by models who were, yes, lounging and standing on tables.

Not just any tables, mind you. The glass tables were suspended from the ceiling and are actually stored up there when they don’t need them for models to sit on. The wooden tables in the middle sink into the floor. This then allows enough room for dancing to music supplied by a DJ, who has his own booth--with ladder access--near the kitchen.

The entire back of the first floor was done in varying shades of grey felt, and walls are covered with cheeky black and white photographs and prints. Upstairs, the kids have a large sunny bathroom, which is bigger than my first studio apartment. We peeked at Lela’s closet, and promptly decided we wanted to be Lela’s children. Or a pair of her boots.

Other quirky features included a red Monopoly house-shaped elevator---for the family dog, Stitch. We were also treated to a view of the wine cellar/”tequila nook,” complete with a vintage Scrabble board.

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Oh, there were clothes, too.

Consisting mostly of dresses, which are Lela’s bread and butter, the collection featured bright shades of citron and tomato. The clay colored sleeveless trench dress with patterned pockets was a standout.

The models were all wearing shoes from Lela’s Payless line, which were a bit nondescript. They were platform sandals with crisscrossed straps in either putty or black. Hardly offensive, but not very original either.

All in all, it was a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Kudos to Lela Rose for the delicious assortment of iced teas on offer, too. Apparently she is a bit of a gourmet cook.