Like.com Launches What to Wear, a Fashion Q&A Site, with the Help of Glamour

Like.com has made a business of creating holistic ways to shop online. The founding site let's you shop for very, very specific items. Couturious allows users to play stylist for the day. And Weardrobe makes buying your favorite pieces from street style photos possible.

The San Francisco-based start-up's latest venture, WhatToWear.com, is a Q&A forum where readers ask style questions and professional stylists--as well as other readers--answer them. Experts, including the fashion team from Glamour and celebrity stylists like Nicole Chavez and Susan Joy, offer solutions to problems, from what to wear to a summer festival to how to wear a body-con dress. Readers can also chime in with suggestions from Like, Couturious, and Weardrobe.

In case you haven't noticed, pretty much every major fashion site boats some sort of e-commerce element today, and Like is behind plenty of those applications. The company's goal is to go one step beyond the traditional fashion search engine--to engage the user to the point that they actually buy something. And Glamour's participation in What to Wear is a brilliant move. Online editorial is all about giving readers valuable information they can apply to real life.

To be sure, if Alexa's Chung's stylist told me to buy something, I probably would. Click around What To Wear and let us know what you think.

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