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Can Shopping Lead to Self-Fulfillment? Meet the Eat Pray Love Movie Merch

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Perhaps you’ve heard of a book-turned-movie called Eat Pray Love? It opens August 13 and marketers are salivating over the chance to get their hands on women aged 30-50 with above average incomes. Cue the Eat Pray Love merch.

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The fragrance: We died a little inside when Fresh released the three fragrances Eat, Pray, and Love. But we will grudgingly admit they smell good, and they're meant to be layered.

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The home furnishings: Including...window shades at Cost Plus. Our favorite item is the prayer shawl. Motto: “Find inner peace and outer beauty.” Om.

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The jewelry: Dogeared did a collection of beaded necklaces and small pendants. Some are already sold out!

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The clothes: This subtle collection by Sue Wong will be sold at Saks, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and other fine retailers. Perfect for

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The tour: Travel company STA is offering a 15 day trip to Italy, Bali, and India. Javier Bardem not included.

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The tea: Republic of Tea. Mug already discontinued. Hmmm...

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The three day shopping orgy: HSN is offering products including luggage, more beaded jewelry, and an electric pasta maker. Each theme country will have its own day.

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The makeup: Lancome, for which Julia Roberts is a spokeswoman *gasp*, is offering themed Juicy Tubes. We would think that eating, praying, and loving are three activities for which lip gloss is not really appropriate. So messy.