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Get Inspired: Soviet Spies

The Cold War might be over, but Russian spies are pretty hot right now. The FBI rounded up a ring of 11 Russian spies living undercover in New York City this past week. The alleged spies used tactic straight out of a thriller--code words, switching bags, burying money, and using invisible ink. And there's no denying Anna Chapman is one foxy spy. While the charges are serious, the theatricality of it all got us daydreaming. We even watched Gorky Park twice this week and swooned over Joanna Pacula's style and beauty. Check out our favorite Russian spy-inspired looks.

The Cold War might be over, but Russian spies are pretty

James Bond gets all the credit for looking good, but we all know that those girls are nothing to scoff at, either. Tatiana Romanova had some serious style. The best way to get them right where you want them is by looking incredible... and this slinky-yet-sophisticated number does just that.

Being a spy means keeping a lot hidden, but sometimes you've got to let everyone know where your alliances are. This vintage-style belt has the rustic look we like so much.

Nothing is warmer--and cooler looking--than a cape. If you're looking to make an entrance and stay cozy during a harsh and unforgiving winter, this is the piece for you.

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Oh, you're skeptical now, but you won't be once you feel how snuggly this thing is. Plus, did you really think we were going to make it through this list without showing you a furry hat?

Every good spy needs a classic camel trench coat-- it goes with everything and is great for keeping the cold Russian air out. Of course, our pick is Burberry. We wouldn't dream of recommending one from anywhere else.

If a subtle nod to Soviet style isn't working for you, check out this bag. It's cute, retro, and can masquerade as a travel case--but of course, who knows what you're really stashing in there?

ModCloth, $39.99

7. The Military Jacket

Wearing a military jacket helps to go unnoticed. We love this wool and silk blend version from Burberry Prorsum.

Net-a-Porter, $1,995