"Knicker Stickers," Rubber "Flying Pasties," "Booty Pop" Underwear And Other Lady Products We Can't Believe Exist

Yesterday, we introduced you to a product called Subtle Butt. You remember, the fart-neutralizing patches you stick on your underwear? Most of you were appropriately horrified. But the Subtle Butt isn't the only product out there that makes us say "Wha? Really? Does someone actually use this?" You've probably seen many of these products on late-night infomercials while watching TLC or Lifetime (don't lie, you totally watch them too). Here are some of our most favorite, mystifying, and horrifying lady products.

Yesterday, we introduced you to a product called

The Hot Trimmer The purpose of this product is to help you shave your bikini area into the shape of your choice. The site suggests a heart, a star, and evening a lightening bolt! Sassy. As the site says, "why not create your own flair down there?" When Jenna Jameson is hawking a product, you know it's good.