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Pretty in Pink: Eight Blushing Items We Want Now

I was cringing a little bit when Lauren’s rant last week about girly design. I love anything pink. Right now I’m typing on a Macbook covered in a hot pink shell, have a Blackberry with a fuchsia skin, and am reading from notes in my watermelon hued journal. Mind you, I don’t dress in pink from head to toe, but I have quite a bit of pink in my closet. Not sweet pink. Loud pink. Is it only for tweens? Well, I’m the most, um, mature writer at Fashionista. I mean age, not experience and wisdom. So I’m either regressing or empowered. I’m not really sure. Just in time for the height of summer, here are my favorite pink things. Please, use them sparingly. nextpage
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I was cringing a little bit when Lauren’s

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ToyWatch Jelly in Pink. Toywatchusa.com $175. I have received multiple compliments on this watch, from seven-year-olds to 70-year-olds.

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MAC Superglass Lipgloss in Totally Bang! Maccosmetics.com, $18.

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Be&D Garbo Tote in Citrus, ShopBop.com, $745 (that's 50% off!!)

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Lanvin braided leather sandals in fuchsia, Net-a-Porter.com, $256. (Whoa--SALE!!)

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J.Crew Solid Bridget dress in Neon Pink, JCrew.com, $79.99.

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Ecosystem Author Journal in Watermelon, Barnes&Noble.com, $14.95.

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Eres Vogue Helium Swimsuit in rose corrida, NancyMeyer.com, $400

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Essie Nail Polish in Splash of Grenadine, Essieshop.com, $8