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5 Classic Handbags That Are Worth the Investment

Worth every penny.
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A reader came to us with what we imagine to be a fairly common dilemma: She wants to invest in a quality designer handbag, but also wants to make sure she picks one that is worth the exorbitant price tag. We think handbags are a little more important than other "investment pieces" (like shoes) and thus require even more careful consideration.

Unless you can afford to buy a new it bag every season, you want one that will withstand the passing of trends and continue to look amazing for years to come. We also think it's important that you really, really love it and aren't just buying it for status or--not that we think we have that much influence--because it's on this list.

Also, remember that just because it's marked down doesn't necessarily mean it's the bag for you. Lauren advises, "Don't buy a bag that's on sale unless it's the one you really want. If you're going to spend a lot of money regardless, pay full price for something you'll love for a long time. I know from experience." Here are five very expensive but, in our opinion, very worth it, handbags.

Chanel Quilted Flap Bag

 This bag is the ultimate classic handbag. No one can argue its timelessness. It's been replicated to death, but nothing stands up to the original. It's impossible not to look chic carrying one of these.

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Proenza Schouler PS1

 Some might say it's too early to call this a classic, but we disagree. We don't see anything overly trendy about it other than its frequent appearance on the arms of celebrities. It's classic shape and unfussy design definitely gives it staying power.

Sofia Coppola for Louis Vuitton Top Handle

 We've been lusting after this bag since the day we saw it. It's so classic and timeless and the quality is impeccable. The no-nonsense shape and color of the one pictured here is our favorite, but we also love the black suede version.

Mulberry Neely

We love the envelope shape of this Mulberry bag (named after the lead character in Valley of the Dolls). It's super lady-like, but functional. We're obsessed with this red color, but it also comes in nude and steel.

Vanessa Bruno Chain Handle Bag

Made of a soft greyish teal leather, this Vanessa Bruno bag is a great, unfussy, and reasonably priced option. It's a great piece by a relatively new designer and is not instantly recognizable.