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Ten Questions For Project Runway

1) Do you think Philip Treacy ever throws a diva fit and just hollers and screams at everyone? His reserve is impressive. 2) Did Ivy say she was inspired by hospital curtains? 3) The upside down rose hat didn’t work with Heidi’s mom-shag, did it? At least now we know why she was wearing it a few months ago.

1) Do you think

7) Why didn’t the judges appreciate April’s triple panty diaper look? Designer diapers are all the rage now, of course.

8) Did Kristin’s orchid hat-inspired dress have hot pink Kleenex coming out of the bustline?

9) At least Mondo is still keeping it real, yes? The model in moustache. The comment: “There are a million trillion fabrics and they all have voices.”

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10) When is Casanova going home? I’m ready to take out a restraining order. He is creepy.