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Behind The Scenes At What Goes Around Comes Around's 10,000 Square-Foot Warehouse

I was introduced to What Goes Around Comes Around by my best friend who moved to the city a year before I did. She said, “We need to go in there, it’s like vintage heaven.” And that it was. A place where everything vintage comes to die, or rather, live on. Enchanted by all the amazing vintage pieces, WGACA soon came to be a regular stop in my weekend "want-to-buy-everything" trips to Soho. But I always wondered, "where does all of this vintage even come from? And how does this even work?" After hearing about Jane Aldridge's trip to the WGACA warehouse, I knew where to find my answers. So, yesterday, I made a trip out to their giant 10,000 square-foot warehouse located about ten minutes outside of Manhattan in Jersey City. (Which is technically in New Jersey, but not really.) Becka Diamond came too, since she's hosting at event at the store this Thursday. "I’ve been surrounded by vintage all my life. I, like, remember eating lollipops at auctions with my mom when I was young,” said Becka as we headed over. "Is this your first time here?" she asked me. "You’re going to die. The first time I came here I was like in shock. There’s just so much amazing stuff."

I was introduced to

Housing women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing, the warehouse is sectioned off by different eras. I was instantly drawn to the corner in the back--the 1970s section. “This is what we consider to be our

What Goes Around Comes Around isn't just about collecting vintage and selling it to the public. The founders, Gerard and Seth, really have made a business out of their passion. Spending a few hours in the warehouse was inspiring and fun. I'd drive out to Jersey City any day to just spend a few more moments rummaging through everything.

Click through the gallery to see some of the amazing things in the warehouse.

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