Here's what Jeffrey Monteiro is giving this holiday, click through to hear why he thinks each of these products makes the perfect gift.

1. "Anything from Manufactum (the best products in the world via the German catalogue company)--whether it be a cuckoo clock or the perfect axe with its own leather case for cutting down your own Christmas tree."

2. "Beautifully designed stationery from Pancake & Franks for all those thank you notes for the holiday gifts."

3. "Turnbull & Asser socks for the guys--such an assortment of colors."

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4. "A subcription to The Sun magazine--those images, those stories, those words, perfect fireside reading."

5. "Fogal tights--great stocking stuffers for the gals." 6. "Fuji Instax Mini Camera to capture all those precious holiday moments."