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Celebrity Hair Stylist Mark Townsend Dishes About the Golden Globes, Textured Red Carpet Hair, and Ashley Olsen as Inspiration

Mark Townsend has styled the locks of Maggie Gyllenhaal, Amy Adams, the Olsens, January Jones, Jessica Biel, and Cate Blanchett, to name just a few. So he knows red carpet hair. Last night for the Golden Globes he styled Lea Michele (Glee) and Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone). I spoke to him shortly after his ladies walked the red carpet in an attempt to pry some secrets out of him.

-Ashley Olsen’s extreme texture was the inspiration for Lea Michele’s Golden Globes 'do. “I work with Mary Kate and Ashley all the time and they always love texture in their hair. So I asked Lea what she thought when I go that far with Ashley’s texture. She loved it,” Mark told me.

-Cate Blanchett once told him that he made her look like “mutton dressed as lamb” after he gave her long extensions for the SAG awards when she was seven months pregnant. He agreed, and with minutes to spare, hacked off the extensions with a razor, sprayed a ton of texturizing spray, and sent her out the door, undoubtedly looking stunning.

-If you’re a brunette, you need a lot of texture to make it show up in photographs. “With dark hair you have to over texturize it; you have to really put a lot of work into showing the texture on camera. With blondes it shows up perfectly,” Mark said.

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-I asked his opinion on the Golden Globes hair this year. He liked J.Lo’s ponytail, Olivia Wilde’s bangs, and Amy Adams. He also loved all the “perfect” French twists. When I innocently asked what he thought about Scarlett Johansson’s style, Mark replied, “No comment.” And then later, “It’s going to be a really fun Fashion Police this year!”