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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Over 20 Gift Ideas From Heart-Print PJs to Heart-Shaped McQueens

The best gifts to give and get this Valentine's day. No, seriously, they're awesome. 0

Whether you're looking to splurge on a romantic luxury gift for your loved one, stay cozy on the couch, or just feel like buying yourself a little fashion friendly Valentine, our gift guide has you covered.

Whether you're telling someone "I love you!" for the first time or looking for forgiveness, these gifts are sure to rack up some major points. Or maybe you need to get a little something special for yourself--screw a Valentine, I'm in love with Valentino!


Perfect pieces for everyday fun.


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Flowers are sure to set the mood, and Louboutins are sure to get you lucky.


Kick up your feet, put on your onesies and pop open the mini champagnes.

1. Hoodie-Footie Sweetheart Snuggle Fleece Pajamas- $99 2. LOVE scrabble tile pillows 3. Harvey Nichols 2x Mini Brut Champagne and Chocolate Truffle Gift Set- $50 4. Bonjour Mon Coussin Sweets Pillows- $80 5. American Essentials Waffle Knit Unisuit- $140