Before They Were Street Style Stars

It's hard to believe there was ever a time that Anna Dello Russo didn't walk around with cherries on top of her head, or that Taylor Tomasi-Hill wasn't impeccably layered behind cat-eye shades. In the past few years, street style blogs like the Sartorialist, Jak & Jil, and Street Peeper have propelled a group of flawlessly and outrageously dressed editors and it-girls to rock star status, their outfits documented by throngs of style paparazzi each time they leave the office. We unearthed snapshots of seven prominent street style icons when they were just names on a masthead. We (and our self-esteem) were surprised and relieved to find that the style of these ladies was once not so different from the rest of ours. Street Style Stars: They Used to Be Just Like Us!

It's hard to believe there was ever a time that

Anna Dello Russo: While fishing through early street style shots of the Vogue Nippon Editor at Large on the Fashion Spot, it was obvious that commenters circa 2008 (when Russo was not yet well known) were not sure what to make of Russo's look, even though at that time, her style was much more tame. One said she looked like "a cougar," while others deemed her style as tacky and "Victoria Beckham-ish but with more flair.”

Alexa Chung: Before this It-girl had won the British Style Award at the

Chloe Sevigny: The Big Love actress is the queen of downtown cool, known for her unique personal style. We came across this gem from a 1992 issue of

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Joanna Hillman: This Fashion Week, images of Hillman, Harper's Bazaar Senior Fashion Market Editor, were plastered all over the street style blogosphere. With her long blond hair tossed over her shoulder, her bright red lipstick, Ray Bans, and killer shoes, Hillman is at the top of her game. The editor first worked as the assistant of quirky power stylist Lori Goldstein, and the aesthetic shows in early photos of Hillman.

Kate Lanphear: Kate hails from Fairfax, Virginia from a family of judges and lawyers, but she was always a rocker girl. She told

Leigh Lezark: When the raven-haired DJ from The Misshapes emerged on the scene while in college, she was often seen looking pretty casual, dressing in a lot of H&M. Although Lezark's signature pin-straight side parted 'do has remained intact, we can't imagine that the current Chanel ambassador, model, and front row staple would be caught dead in anything besides showstopping numbers in somber hues.

Taylor Tomasi-Hill: The Marie Claire Style and Accessories Director and former Teen Voguette is a street style photographer's dream--she's easy to spot with her flame-colored hair, and on top of her envious wardrobe, she looks likes a total sweetheart too. Now we see her working armfuls of bangles and layers upon layers of contrasting prints and textures.