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Snowboarding With A Champion, Nike 6.0, And Some Surfers

So I got to go snowboarding with the most decorated woman snowboarder in Winter X Games history. I didn’t even knock her down while getting off the lift. Win! But perhaps I should back up a minute. Nike 6.0 sponsored a trip for some editors to go to Windham Mountain to preview the brand's Action Sports collection, then to try it on the slopes firsthand. We were greeted at an enormous mountainside log mansion, complete with antler chandeliers and masses of soft, curly shearling pillows strewn everywhere. After settling in with some coffee and snacks, we were introduced to three of Nike’s Action Sports athletes.

So I got to go

The surf clothes, out this spring, were absolutely adorable. Monyca, who has made her own bikinis, had a hand in designing the collection. One showstopping white bikini is ingeniously designed with one contiguous string around the neck and back so you don’t lose your top amongst the waves. The post-surf gear is sure to be a hit at beaches around the world, even for those who never leave their towel. The loose chambray short shorts and cotton bloomers beg to be worn with wedges to a BBQ.

But that’s for the summer. For the day at hand, I was greeted with a closet/locker hybrid stuffed full of boarding gear, including but not limited to: killer orange board pants, a gorgeous white jacket with icy blue undertones, and all the famous Nike underpinnings. The black and white Nike Pro Combat tie-dyed compression leggings given to us as a base layer were a hit with everyone, and I’ll be wearing them on cold-weather runs in Central Park, though they could easily go to brunch with some boots and a slouchy sweater. One editor rocked hers with a 6.0 red and bright pink navajo print vest. The prints oddly worked together. We added helmets and big white and orange Nike board boots and were ready to get strapped in. This is not your mother’s ski wear.

I spent two hours on the slopes, upright for the most part (I’ve done some riding, but would still call myself a beginner.) The clothes, I’m happy to report, kept me warm and dry and the pants were über-comfortable. The only issue was with one particularly spectacular spill in which snow went down my pants. Totally my fault. I had my jacket unzipped and shirt untucked.

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The most exciting (and embarrassing) part was riding on the lift with my instructor and Barrett, who absolutely kicks ass on that board. She was sweet and encouraging, and told some great stories about taking rickety helicopters to glacial peaks to ride on virgin powder.

Oh, and speaking of helicopters, Nike flew us back to the city in one, complete with Nike Swoosh on the side. On the ride, I chatted up Monyca and Barrett about their favorite beauty products. I was especially curious about sunscreen, and both love