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The Best Beauty Websites

Because sometimes you don't have time to comb through 28,200,000 results.

If you search for “beauty blogs,” Google spits back 28,200,000 results. There are a lot of beauty fanatics out there, and they all have strong opinions. Many of the sites are entertaining, but it’s obvious when one is truly exceptional. Whether it’s well-written content, gorgeous pictures, or a unique voice, there are certain sites we check on a daily basis. In the upcoming weeks we’ll profile different groups of blogs devoted to specific beauty issues (curly hair, women of color, lipstick, etc.) but in the meantime, click through for a review of our current favorite sites. And please...share your favorite hidden beauty gems with us!

Best Nail Polish Blog: All Lacquered Up

Best Fashion-y Beauty Blog: Into The Gloss

Best Magazine Beauty Blog: The Beauty Department

Best Product Review Site: Makeup Alley

Best Fragrance Site: Now Smell This

Best UK-based Beauty Site: Kiss & Makeup

Best Green Beauty Blog: No More Dirty Looks

Best Hair Site: Fashionising’s Hair Blog 

It’s not updated nearly enough, but Australia’s Fashionising loves models, and they feature tons of model hair. They delight in models’ frequent hair changes, and document it all with huge photographs. Look for runway trends and model street style--this isn't the place for product news or reviews, though.

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