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The Dior Addict Lipsticks Are Finally Here

After a lot of hype, teasers, and commercials, the Dior Addict Lipsticks are finally available. There are 44 shades to choose from, and Dior’s divided them up into three styles: Rock Icon, Glam Icon, and Doll Icon. There’s a wide range of colors, from bare neutrals to dark plums and everything in between. The big news with this line is the texture of the lipsticks. They contain 25% less wax than classic lipsticks, and more gel; the result is a lipstick/balm/gloss hybrid with vibrant color. It feels really moist when you apply, but not sticky like a gloss. The color is pretty true to what you see in the tube, perhaps just a little more sheer.

After a lot of hype, teasers, and

Parisian Chic, a light pink with some sparkle, is the ultimate lipstick for non-lipstick wearers--a perfect color that doesn’t require a lot of precision to apply. The Androgyne is a darker neutral with a hint of shine that could easily be an everyday shade.

In case you were wondering which pink Kate is wearing in the Be Iconic commercial, it’s Diorkiss. And those nails? Perfecto Dior Vernis with Rock Coat. (Rock Coat is a smoky top coat that you can apply on top of any nail color, and it gives a smoky effect. I saved myself a manicure with it the other day--just slap some on top of existing polish and your mani looks brand new.)

At $28 a pop, they’re not cheap, but what Dior item is? Certainly not their current icon, Kate Moss.

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