MAC's New Spring Collection: Flowery and Flighty

The makeup elves over at MAC have been very busy indeed. In addition to the surf collection they just presented for summer, they’ve churned out two new spring collections and a powder which will reside in their permanent collection. The ads, as always, are colorful and compelling. Click through to see Fashionflower, Flighty, and Magically Cool Liquid Powder.

The makeup elves over at MAC have been very busy indeed. In addition to the

Fashionflower: Soft and pretty, the lipsticks and gelée colors range from whitish pink to aqua to coral. Powders are infused with gold sparkles, and the eye shadows run the horticultural gamut: frosty white yellow, lime, coral, and hunter green will turn you into a blooming garden. Available today through June.

Flighty: A collection for your eyes, this one is all about the color. Sixteen new whipped mousse cream shadows are available; the color wash they provide builds from sheer to medium. If you’re just looking for eyelash plumage, you have a choice of four colors: pearly grey, navy blue, violet, and jade green. Available May 5 through June 30.

Magically Cool Liquid Powder: We are dying to try this one. “An alchemical fusion of water and pigment that goes on as a loose powder but with the refreshing feel of an ocean mist.” It also has light-diffusing particles which means luminous skin and camouflaged fine lines. Comes in thee shades with a powder brush sold separately. Available May 5, in the permament line.