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New In Nail Color: OPI, RGB, CND

Nothing gets us more excited than new nail colors. Luckily, nail companies are keeping us on our colorfully painted toes with frequent fresh offerings. Now that the weather is changing, we’re ready to trade our beloved Essie “Merino Cool” for some new shades. Click through for the latest offerings from OPI, RGB, and the long-awaited CND Shellac additions.

Nothing gets us more excited than

OPI cranks out the collections at a rather frenetic pace, but we had to stop and really look at the Touring America series, which will be available August 2011.

Most of their base collections are inspired by a specific geographic area, and this one is an homage to an American road trip. The colors are rich and autumnal, and gloriously glitter-free; they’re all fabulous. The names are the usual punny tongue-twisters like “A-taupe the Space Needle” and a particular favorite “Uh-Oh Roll Down the Window” (Olive green. Gross--and also awesome.)

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RGB boasts a perfect trio of beach shades quite humbly named Beach, Coral, and Stone. Beach has a sheer nude--which is THE nail trend color of the season. Coral is a bright orangey red, not old-ladyish at all, which is what tends to come to mind when you think of coral. Stone is a nice, creamy true grey.

CND has caused a sensation in the last year with Shellac: its polish that doesn’t chip for two weeks. The complaint against the line has always been the limited color range. Well, the company just released a dozen more shades to augment the existing range of classic colors. While you won’t yet find green or yellow, there is a gorgeous violet, eggplant, and black, along with some more in the pink and fuchsia family.