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"Burgers and Nails" Tumblr Mixes Our Two Favorite Things: Food and Manicures

Everyone's discovered the brilliant Tumblr "Burgers and Nails" today, including us. We have also spent a disproportionate amount of time analyzing each and every photo. If you haven't paid it a visit yet, some advice: 1) Don't look at it if you're hungry. 2) Don't look at it if you're a vegetarian. The burgers are very graphic. Anyway, we love this concept of beauty plus food. We're hoping that more celebs will lend their phalanges to this project. Adele is there. This would be a brilliant vehicle for Gaga and Deborah Lippmann to do a crazy beauty spread. While the nail art is not the best we've seen, the big burgers it's wrapped around really elevate the whole experience. Anyway. We're inspired. And hungry. Click through to see our favorites--we're sure you will be, too.

Everyone's discovered the brilliant Tumblr "

Bret, the purveyor of this Tumblr, has a penchant for painting one nail on each hand a different color. We approve. In this case, the polish matches the cheese. And she always has such a shiny topcoat.

Here's Adele with a killer, square-edged, reverse French mani. Love.

Swirly pink acrylics? OK!

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Russian doll nail art. This one actually distracts from the burger.

OK, this one has a lot going on, but we've been seeing a lot of Sally Hansen Salon Effects hybrids like this one lately. It's a trend in the making.