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Drugstore Beauty: NYC New York Color (Plus, the Secret to Buying Drugstore Foundation)

hile we may all occasionally dream about Dior and drenching ourselves in La Mer, don’t discount the drugstore. We love posh products here at Fashionista, but we also love a deal. To that end, we’re highlighting drugstore beauty brands that can hold their own against their more expensive counterparts. Our first pick? NYC New York Color cosmetics. The prices range from $0.99 to $4.99 and you can find the brand in drugstores across the country. NYC New York Color was a small brand until they were bought by Coty in 2007. With the power, might, and research capabilities of a big cosmetics company behind them, the brand spread across the country.

While we may all occasionally dream about

The felt tip lip stains and foundations are standouts. The lip stain made it through two glasses of wine, dinner, and beyond. The foundation feels light and the color blended well. Mathew Nigara (a celeb makeup artist who has primped everyone from Jessica Simpson to Kate Winslet), was on hand at a recent NYC New York Color event. He gave a helpful tip for choosing foundation since you can’t try it on in the drugstore: Hold it up to your face until you find a match, then choose one shade lighter, because it darkens a bit as it dries.

So pop into the drugstore. Where else can you get a $3 pick-me-up?

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