Maybe there's hope for the Garment Center after all. According to a recent survey conducted by American Express, 65% of affluent Americans said that they try to buy Made in the USA products whenever possible.

Bloomberg riffed on this fun fact by taking a longer look at American-made fashion, profiling the likes of The Row--which produces nearly all of its goods in New York and Los Angeles--and Tiffany, which produces 100% of its jewelry in the US.

While there's certainly a trend of high-end brands manufacturing as much product as they can in the US--admirable examples include Chris Benz, Rogan Gregory, and Rag & Bone--it's important to note that there are also plenty of utilitarian labels--think Filson, Red Wing, Alden--that have built enduring businesses on quality US production. And really, they're the ones benefiting from this movement, because not only are the traditionalists still buying these old standbys, but the hipsters are defining them as cool.

What's your favorite US-made brand?

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