The Top Ten Most Stylish Mother and Daughter Pairs; My Mom the Style Icon Weighs In

Ever come across an old photo of your mom--you know, a photo from before you even existed--and thought, "Damn, my mom looks good" and then "OMG I want that whole outfit"? Piper Weiss did, so she started a blog called My Mom the Style Icon where she posts photos of stylish moms that date from the 1920s through the 1980s, tells the stories of the moms in the photos, and offers up hilarious commentary on their outfits. That blog is now a book, and last night Coach threw a party to celebrate its release--just in time for mother's day. (Seriously, buy it now for your mom). True to her mom-style obsession, Weiss, who by day is an editor at Yahoo! Shine (you should read her stuff there because it's hilarious), wore a vintage Pierre Cardin dress that was her mom's in the 70s that she gave what she calls a "a shoulder pad-ectomy" and had shortened. Mama Weiss, the inspiration for the book, was there too, looking stylish as ever. There are exceptions to every rule, but it seems style is more often than not passed down from mothers to child. So we brainstormed with Weiss to come up with the ten of the most fashionable mother and daughter pairs (and one mother-son pair), and she offered her two cents on each stylish duo. What other stylish mother daughter pairs did we leave off?

Ever come across an old photo of your mom--you know, a photo from before you even existed--and thought, "Damn, my mom looks good" and then "OMG I want that whole outfit"?

Piper Weiss did, so she started a blog called

Mariel never seemed to age beyond the precocious teen beauty she immortalized in Manhattan. I love her early 80s preppy, Ralph Lauren/Laura Ashley style. It's like a prep school PTA mom meets an orchid.

I bet they get "Are you sisters?" a lot. Part of their kindred style has to do with the sultry smokey eye make-up. I'm jealous that

The fact that Michael's mom is the inspiration for the clothing women feel their most womanly in is a tribute to their tight relationship. The phrase 'mama raised him right' takes on new meaning. Any woman who loves herself some Kors, owes his mom a debt of gratitude.

Pat Cleveland and Anna Cleveland

Pat Cleveland probably looks like she's wearing Halston when she's naked. She still embodies the elongated, elegant disco queen style she helped define in the 70s. Looks like it's in her daughter's DNA too. Lucky girl.

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Annie and Tali Lennox

Annie Lennox took the cover of the Diamond Dogs album and ran with it into the 80s and 90s. In her able hands, glam rock red hair and androgyny dropped the rock and kept the glam. Daughter

When I look at photos of Jerry Hall in the early 80s I instantly hear the long "Love to love you baby." I can't imagine what it's like to be

Is there anything better than early 90s

Lisa Bonet's face is like a human zen garden. She has the ability to make motley 90s all-natural bohemian style soothing. And I respect that she coined a look (ripped high waisted vintahe jeans, fedoras, lots of jangly beaded bracelets) and stuck with it. Daughter Zoe, equally transfixing, adopted her mom's sloppy, accidental-looking layers, but her neon lips are an act of rebellion if you're Lisa Bonet's daughter. Clearly she inherited a touch of the rock n' rolls from her pop Lenny.

Jane Sevigny and Chloe Sevigny

I love this photo of Chloe's mom so much. I've always been an unwavering fan of Chloe's style and I think a large part of her consistant awesomeness is her ability to take the kind of picture our moms used to take. That's to say, a mild awareness of the camera and what it wants, without being afraid of what it might produce. When I got this photo of Janine Sevigny on her wedding day, I realized it's something Chloe must have learned in the womb. It also explains where she learned the complicated craft of choosing an important outfit. Look at that floral headpiece that almost looks like little birds dancing on her head, Snow White style. It's such an original bridal touch that instantly makes you fall in love with her no matter who you are or when you're looking at the photo.

Marilyn Weiss and Piper Weiss (We couldn't leave them out!)

My mom was and still is to this day the coolest dresser I've ever known. She's believes in the power of accessories, always turning to pins, chunky necklaces, charm bracelets, and an endless coterie of brilliant scarves to personalize her classic pieces. she has x-ray vision for clothing that isn't well made. And she isn't afraid to let her style evolve as she does. She's also got some awesome stories to go with every outfit. She's the best, and it's not something I'll ever live up to. Sure, I'll try, but it's not long before I have a beanie on my head and my dress is overshadowed by the fact that i'm do-si-do-ing with myself.