Nine Lessons Learned at Last Night's "How I'm Making It" Panel

Last night, a panel of fashion industry insiders gathered for the second installment of our "How I'm Making It" series at NYU's Cantor Film Center. The panelists, from all corners of the fashion world, included fashion designer Chris Benz, runway producer Gayle Dizon, PR powerhouse Cindy Krupp, and Katherine Krause and Skye Parrott, editor and creative directer of Dossier Magazine. Whether you're an intern just entering the fashion industry or an entrepreneur building a company, here's what you need to know in case you missed it.

Last night, a panel of fashion industry insiders gathered for the second installment of our "

5. Build contacts and use them! In order to get his name and designs out there, Benz says that he hired people who already had relationships with buyers.

Many of our panelists agreed that they are much more apt to read and respond to an email if the sender drops the name of someone they know.

If you're looking for a job, ask for help. Krupp believes that "what you should get in exchange for interning is an opportunity."

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6. Working in fashion makes it difficult to lead a balanced life It's the harsh reality of working in an industry with long and demanding hours. Here's a tip from the panelists--either hire your friends or people who you would be friends with. You'll be spending more time with your co-workers than pretty much anyone else.

7. When dealing with difficult bosses, suck it up It's all about what you take from an experience, no matter how awful. Have a thick skin--it's nothing personal.

8. It can't be said enough--intern, intern, intern! After moving to NYC to attend Parsons at the ripe age of 17, Benz snagged an internship at Marc Jacobs through a friend. He noted that best part of the internship was the access--he got a behind the scenes look at the company just as LVMH came in.

Krupp says that the first thing she looks at on a resume is internship experience. "There's a language to fashion," says Krupp. She doesn't want to have to explain what the CFDA or IMG is, so it's ideal that the candidate is already fluent in fashion speak.

9. And yes, even employers in the fashion industry look at your Facebook profiles So double check your privacy settings and keep those profile pictures PG!