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Summer Manicure Inspiration

It’s Memorial Day. While it’s not officially summer on the calendar for a few weeks yet, mentally we’re in summer mode. It’s in the 80s here in NYC and everyone is in sandals and sundresses--which means it’s time to ditch the greige nails. We’ve searched high and low for manicure inspiration for the summer, and found some amazing picks. Click through to see some of the best and brightest manis for the summer:
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OK, OK, we know a lot of you love yellow. We’ll begrudgingly admit this sunny

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The nails on

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Traditional French manicures are yawn-inducing. These juicy colored French manis pop out. It’s the color-blocking trend for those of you too nervous to try it head to toe.

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No one does nail art like the Japanese. These nautical nails are a perfect homage to Fleet Week, and just a wee bit silly.

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How cute are these aqua polka dots going to look with your vintage-inspired maillot? Answer: very cute.

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These look like bubbles, or fish scales, or a delicious, fizzy, blue drink.

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In honor of

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Mimosa is getting all the attention in Chanel’s summer collection, but we’re a sucker for bubble gum pink--check out Morning Rose.

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Can’t get your hands on a Prada dress? Get your hands on a banana mani instead.