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The 10 Best Tumblrs By Fashion Industry Insiders

Tumblr can be a little daunting for those don't "tumbl," especially when it comes to navigating the myriad of fashion-related ones. There are a lot of decent tumblrs out there devoted to fashion, but after awhile they all start to blend together in a sea of pretty pictures. Luckily, there are quite a few industry insiders whose access to the industry lends itself to smartly styled pages, valuable tips and insights, and, of course, very pretty pictures. Here our are favorite tumblrs run by folks within the fashion industry--they range from models to editors to PRs to photographers but they're all, clearly, ahead of the game when it comes to social media.

Who: Nina Garcia,

Marie Claire Fashion Director and Project Runway judge Site: Why We Like Her: There's something for everyone here: snippets from Garcia's sharpt editorial mind and eye. She has a classic yet current style and a great knack for finding and posting random fashion vids on YouTube.

Who: Behati Prinsloo, model Site: Why We Like It: Never thought a Victoria's Secret Pink model might also be a stellar photographer, did you? Foot in mouth. This girl takes stunning black-and-white shots of her travels, candidly portraying everything from African nature-scapes to her model friends with equal beauty.

Who: Julia Frakes, writer/model/editor Site: Why We Like It: Frakes influence extends into most fashion niches, and she compiles her outside work with publications like

Dossier and Vogue Nippon along with her personal musings and favorite videos or occasional features and street style shots of herself. It's a well-rounded tumblr that harkens to StyleBubble--it's impeccably stylish without the stuffy, chicer-than-thou attitude.


Eva Chen, Beauty and Health Director/ Special Projects Editor at

Teen Vogue Site: Why We Like It: To quote her own tumblr description, her site is the "style obsession of a Teen Vogue Editor, compulsive shopper, New Yorker, traveler, etc." It's a great compilation of her favorite runway or editorial looks, outfit pictures (lots of amazing shoes) and shopping wish lists. Her style is a bit more toned down but inspiring nonetheless, and she doles out friendly shopping and style advice to anyone who asks.


The Coveteur Site: Why We Like It: A behind-the-scenes look at the expository closet blog. Lots of candid photos and random shots of the featured subjects' homes, like

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odem's insanely organized joint closets, show exactly how the site's shoots come together. It helps demystify The Coveteur's posts, but in a good way. Their Tumblr is warmer and happier--like a fashion sleepover, with a nice camera.

Who: CokeTalk, anonymous fashion/pop culture blogger and advice coulmnist Site: Why We Like It: Everything. Editorials, recent purchases, little known clothing lines, runway shots... seriously, she covers it all. The Coquette is actually relatively new in relation to all of Coke Talk's other endeavors. She originally began writing a razor-tongued pop culture blog years ago (CokeTalk), which spawned an advice column (Dear Coke Talk) and then this little fashion gem. Unabashedly bold and sometimes offensive (she's not for the faint of heart, shall we say), her posts are a sigh of relief in an often empty-headed community. I've read her for years and have no complaints.


Coco Rocha, model Site: Why We Like It: The Canadian model proves herself more than just a pretty face with insightful diary entries and shots back at those who start eating disorder rumors. There are also sneak peeks of photo shoots (like her

commercial for Diet Coke with Karl Lagerfeld), backstage videos and pictures from her travels. Though occaisionally self-promotional, it's great for a real look into the life of a high-profile model.

Who: Inez and Vinoodh, photographers Site: Why We Like It: The photographers frequently post a shot or two of their own work before publication,

clips of shoots-in-progress, and raw candids of models half made up. Sometimes they accompanying posts with their inspiration for a particular shoot, which is great insight for any aspiring photographer. And when Inez posts, she signs everything "kisses." Adorable.

Who: Oscar PR Girl Site: Why We Like It: Shots from Oscar PR Girl's various travels, shoots, shows and functions attended by industry elites. You'll see everything from a freshly minted shoe from resort to the boards for Oscar's next fashion show--basically anything a senior PR girl for a luxury brand would be exposed to (which, as you may imagine, is a lot).

Who: William Yan, photographer Site: Why We Like It: Yan is a street style blogger who snaps fantastically styled models and gals about town and contributes to various brands for ad campaigns and editorial work. His blog is an insight into the array of work he does and, because he mixes it up, it doesn't get repetitive as many photography and streetstyle blogs can.

Who: Carol Han, fashion and food writer/blogger Site: Why We Like It: Han is a lifestyle blogger, showing equally decadent bowls of pasta, minimalist living rooms, and couture gowns. It's a nice departure from the fashion-only sites, even if it is a lot of re-blogging.