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This Summer's Must-See Fashion Films

lthough summer is typically blockbuster season--wherein each weekend, a movie like Bridesmaids or Super 8 is sure to dominate box offices--this summer's lineup boasts a heavy dose of films that are a little more up our alley. Of course, we love a good comedy/action film/romcom, and any excuse to escape summer heat and sit in air conditioning for two hours is a good one. However, if we can spend those two hours learning about fashion, that $12.50 just feels a little less wasted, especially when our options are as good as the following:

Although summer is typically blockbuster season--wherein each weekend, a movie like

Bill Cunningham: New York After an extremely successful limited run in NYC, this must-see documentary about the original street style photographer and all-around fascinating character is playing all over the country.

L'amour Fou This documentary candidly profiles the life and career of the late Yves Saint Laurent, as well as his professional and personal relationship with Pierre Berge. It topped the box office per-theater-averages this week, which is pretty impressive for a documentary, let alone one about fashion.

Vidal Sassoon The evolution of hairdressing and its impact on society is not very well documented--Vidal Sassoon revolutionized hair and his story is an inspiration.

Recommended Articles

Page One: Inside the New York Times This documentary is not specifically about fashion, but extensively chronicles media's difficult transformation as the internet takes over print, which is certainly applicable to this industry. Plus, it will surely offer the insight of some interesting characters.

Gainsbourg This French biography chronicles the life of famed musician Serge Gainsbourg (father of Charlotte) from the very beginning, including his relationships with icons like Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, whose style in the '60s was unbeatable. U.S. Release Date: August 31, 2011