A Look Back at Elle Fanning's Fashion Editorials Thus Far, Plus Vogue Rumors

In the past year alone, Elle Fanning has been in more magazine editorials than the number of years she's been alive. The 13-year-old has already been dubbed a "fashion darling" by some and we can't disagree. Heralded for her red carpet style, her modeling skills are nothing to scoff at either. She looks amazing in clothes, is incredibly photogenic and has this innate sophistication that is beyond her years. Mixed with the youthful energy of a 12-year-old (the age she was when most of these photos were taken) that consistently comes alive on camera. Photographers and editors (and designers) have obviously taken note--the number of full-fledged fashion editorials she's been in since she started promoting Somewhere is pretty astounding, but what's almost more impressive is the quality of the editorials. They are all in well-respected publications, including many of the best fashion glossies from Jalouse to Lula to Vogue. And speaking of the latter, a little birdy told us she will be making an appearance in the pages of Vogue's August issue with her sister Dakota. In Vogue twice in one year? We see a cover in her future... Without further ado, click through for just about all of Elle's spreads from the past year. (We couldn't pick the best, because they are seriously all good.)

In the past year alone,

USA Today, June 16 2011

Teen Vogue, June 2011

Marie Claire, June 2011

Blackbook, June 2011

Vanity Fair, March 2011

Vogue, May 2011

Interview, December 2010/January 2011

Recommended Articles

Lula, Spring/Summer 2011

New York Times, December 2010

Dossier, February 2011

W, February 2011

Rolling Stone, November 2010

Wonderland, November/December 2010

Italian Vanity Fair

Jalouse, December 2010