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A Schedule of Fashion Weeks Around the World

So many fashion weeks, so little time. But how can you keep track? We've cobbled together a list of fashion weeks taking place over the next year. Are we missing one? Email us on, as this list will continue to be updated.

So many fashion weeks, so little time. But how can you keep track? We've cobbled together a list of fashion weeks taking place over the next year. Are we missing one? Email us on, as this list will continue to be updated.

June 2011

Halifax- Atlantic Fashion Week F/W '12 June 13-19

Dubai- Dubai Fashion Fiesta June 16-18

New York- Full Figured Fashion Week June 18-22

Milan- Moda Uomo Men’s S/S '12 June 18-21

Paris- Modea Men’s S/S '12 June 22-26

Dubrovnik- Dubrovnik Fashion Week S/S '12 June 23-25

July 2011

Hong Kong- Hong Kong FW S/S '12 July 4-7

Paris- Modea Couture & Haute Couture F/W '12 July 4-7

Berlin- Berlin Fashion Week July 6-9

Rome- AltaRomaAltaModa July 8-12

Little Rock, AR- Little Rock Fashion Week July 11-16

Barcelona- Barcelona Fashion Week July 13-15

Cape Town- South Africa Fashion Week July 13-16

Amsterdam- Amsterdam Fashion Week July 13-17

New York- Africa Fashion Week July 14-16

Miami- Swim '12 July 14-18

Atlanta- Atlanta Fashion Week July 19-24

Toronto- Frugal Fashion Week July 21-24

Dusseldorf- Dusseldorf FW July 23-27

Medellin, Colombia- ColombiaModa Fashion Week July 26-28

Bangalore, India- Bangalore Fashion Week July 28-31

August 2011

Copenhagen- Copenhagen Fashion Week August 3-7

Stockholm- Stockholm Fashion Week August 8-14

Oslo, Norway- Oslo Fashion Week August 8-14

San Francisco- San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance (SFFMA) Fashion Week August 8-14

Upper Malboro, Maryland- Maryland Fashion Week August 8-14

Stockholm- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week August 9-11

Baltimore, MD- Baltimore Fashion Week August 18-21

Brisbane, AU- Fashion Festival Brisbane August 20-26

Austin, TX- Austin Fashion Week August 20-27

Sydney, AU- Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival August 22-26

Omaha, NE- Omaha Fashion Week August 22-27

St. Charles, MO- Greater St. Charles Fashion Week August 24-27

Bali- Bali Fashion Week August 24-29

Mpumalanga, South Africa- Mpumalanga September Fashion Week August 28-Sept 4

New Zealand- New Zealand Fashion Week August 29-Sept 3

September 2011

Madrid- Semana Internacional de la Moda (SIMM) Sept 1-3

St. Petersburg, FL- St. Pete Art & Fashion Week Sept 6-10

Istanbul- Istanbul Fashion Week Sept 7-10

New York- New York Fashion Week S/S '12 Sept 8-15

Helsinki- Helsinki Design Week Sept 9-18

Vienna, AU- MQ Vienna Fashion Week Sept 13-18

London- London Fashion Week S/S '12 Sept 16-21

D.C.- D.C. Fashion Week Sept 19-25

Raleigh-Durhan-Chapel Hill, NC- Triangle Fashion Week Sept 19-25

Tampa Bay, FL- Tampa Bay Fashion Week Sept 21-24

Milan- Moda Donna Women’s S/S '12 Sept 21-27

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Perth, AU- Perth Fashion Festival Sept 21-27

Edmonton, AB- Western Canada Fashion Week Sept 22-29

Boston, MA- Boston Fashion Week Sept 23-30

Cork, Ireland- Cork Fashion Week Sept 24-25

Paris- Modea Women’s RTW Fashion Week Sept 27-Oct 5

Seattle, WA- Fashion Week at the Bellevue Collection Sept 28-Oct 2

Vancouver- Vancouver Men's Fashion Week Sept 29- Oct 1

Brooklyn, NY- Brooklyn Fashion Weekend Sept 29-Oct 2

Washington, D.C.- Latin Fashion Weekend Sept 29-Oct 1

Johannesburg, SA- South Africa Fashion Week Sept 30-Oct 2

October 2011

Phoenix, AZ- Phoenix Fashion Week Oct 5-8

Portland, OR- Portland Fashion Week Oct 5-9

Hoboken, NJ- New Jersey Fashion Week Oct 9-13

Tegucigalpa, Honduras- Honduras Fashion Week F/W '12 Oct 13-15

Tbilisi, Georgia- Tbilissi Fashion Week Oct 13-17

Moscow- Russian Fashion Week Oct 15-20

Los Angeles- L.A. Fashion Week Oct 14-21

Tokyo- Toyko Fashion Week Oct 17-21

Arlington, VA- Northern Virginia (NOVA) Fashion Week Oct 24-27

Lviv, Ukraine- Lviv Fashion Week Oct 25-30

November 2011

Vancouver, BC- Vancouver FW Nov 1-6

Dar es Salaa, Tanzania- Swahili Fashion Week Nov 3-5

Nassau, Bahamas- Islands of the World Fashion Week Nov 3-5

Lagos, Nigeria- Nigerian Fashion Week Nov 16-19

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam- Vietnam International Fashion Fair Nov 17-23

January 2012

Rio de Janeiro- Fashion Rio Jan 9-13

Milan- Men’s F/W '13 Jan 14-18

Hong Kong- Hong Kong Fashion Week Jan 16-19

Sao Paulo- Sao Paulo Fashion Week January 16- 21

Paris- Men’s F/W '13 Jan 18-22

Paris- Gaute Couture S/S '12 Jan 23-26

Berlin- Germany Fashion Week F/W '12 Dates TBA

Montreal, CA- Montreal Fashion Week F/W '12 Dates TBA

February 2012

New York- New York Fashion Week F/W '13 Feb 10-17

Milan- Milan Fashion Week F/W '13 Feb 22-28

Paris- Paris Fashion Week F/W '13 Feb 28- March 7

London- London Fashion Week F/W '13 Dates TBA

Washington D.C.- D.C Fashion Week Dates TBA March 2012

Lakme, India- Lakme Fashion Week Dates TBA

Los Angeles, CA- Style Fashion Week LA Dates TBA

Seoul, Korea- Seoul Fashion Week Dates TBA

April 2012

Vancouver, CA- Vancouver Fashion Week Dates TBA

Sydney, AU- Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Dates TBA

Cleveland, OH- Cleveland Fashion Week Dates TBA

June 2012

Milan- Moda Uomo Men’s S/S '13 June 23-27

Tokyo- Japan Fashion Week Dates TBA

July 2012

Paris- Men’s S/S '13 July 2-5