A Schedule of Fashion Weeks Around the World

So many fashion weeks, so little time. But how can you keep track? We've cobbled together a list of fashion weeks taking place over the next year. Are we missing one? Email us on tips@fashionista.com, as this list will continue to be updated.

So many fashion weeks, so little time. But how can you keep track? We've cobbled together a list of fashion weeks taking place over the next year. Are we missing one? Email us on tips@fashionista.com, as this list will continue to be updated.

June 2011

Halifax- Atlantic Fashion Week F/W '12 June 13-19

Dubai- Dubai Fashion Fiesta June 16-18

New York- Full Figured Fashion Week June 18-22

Milan- Moda Uomo Men’s S/S '12 June 18-21

Paris- Modea Men’s S/S '12 June 22-26

Dubrovnik- Dubrovnik Fashion Week S/S '12 June 23-25

July 2011

Hong Kong- Hong Kong FW S/S '12 July 4-7

Paris- Modea Couture & Haute Couture F/W '12 July 4-7

Berlin- Berlin Fashion Week July 6-9

Rome- AltaRomaAltaModa July 8-12

Little Rock, AR- Little Rock Fashion Week July 11-16

Barcelona- Barcelona Fashion Week July 13-15

Cape Town- South Africa Fashion Week July 13-16

Amsterdam- Amsterdam Fashion Week July 13-17

New York- Africa Fashion Week July 14-16

Miami- Swim '12 July 14-18

Atlanta- Atlanta Fashion Week July 19-24

Toronto- Frugal Fashion Week July 21-24

Dusseldorf- Dusseldorf FW July 23-27

Medellin, Colombia- ColombiaModa Fashion Week July 26-28

Bangalore, India- Bangalore Fashion Week July 28-31

August 2011

Copenhagen- Copenhagen Fashion Week August 3-7

Stockholm- Stockholm Fashion Week August 8-14

Oslo, Norway- Oslo Fashion Week August 8-14

San Francisco- San Francisco Fashion and Merchants Alliance (SFFMA) Fashion Week August 8-14

Upper Malboro, Maryland- Maryland Fashion Week August 8-14

Stockholm- Mercedes Benz Fashion Week August 9-11

Baltimore, MD- Baltimore Fashion Week August 18-21

Brisbane, AU- Fashion Festival Brisbane August 20-26

Austin, TX- Austin Fashion Week August 20-27

Sydney, AU- Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival August 22-26

Omaha, NE- Omaha Fashion Week August 22-27

St. Charles, MO- Greater St. Charles Fashion Week August 24-27

Bali- Bali Fashion Week August 24-29

Mpumalanga, South Africa- Mpumalanga September Fashion Week August 28-Sept 4

New Zealand- New Zealand Fashion Week August 29-Sept 3

September 2011

Madrid- Semana Internacional de la Moda (SIMM) Sept 1-3

St. Petersburg, FL- St. Pete Art & Fashion Week Sept 6-10

Istanbul- Istanbul Fashion Week Sept 7-10

New York- New York Fashion Week S/S '12 Sept 8-15

Helsinki- Helsinki Design Week Sept 9-18

Vienna, AU- MQ Vienna Fashion Week Sept 13-18

London- London Fashion Week S/S '12 Sept 16-21

D.C.- D.C. Fashion Week Sept 19-25

Raleigh-Durhan-Chapel Hill, NC- Triangle Fashion Week Sept 19-25

Tampa Bay, FL- Tampa Bay Fashion Week Sept 21-24

Milan- Moda Donna Women’s S/S '12 Sept 21-27

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Perth, AU- Perth Fashion Festival Sept 21-27

Edmonton, AB- Western Canada Fashion Week Sept 22-29

Boston, MA- Boston Fashion Week Sept 23-30

Cork, Ireland- Cork Fashion Week Sept 24-25

Paris- Modea Women’s RTW Fashion Week Sept 27-Oct 5

Seattle, WA- Fashion Week at the Bellevue Collection Sept 28-Oct 2

Vancouver- Vancouver Men's Fashion Week Sept 29- Oct 1

Brooklyn, NY- Brooklyn Fashion Weekend Sept 29-Oct 2

Washington, D.C.- Latin Fashion Weekend Sept 29-Oct 1

Johannesburg, SA- South Africa Fashion Week Sept 30-Oct 2

October 2011

Phoenix, AZ- Phoenix Fashion Week Oct 5-8

Portland, OR- Portland Fashion Week Oct 5-9

Hoboken, NJ- New Jersey Fashion Week Oct 9-13

Tegucigalpa, Honduras- Honduras Fashion Week F/W '12 Oct 13-15

Tbilisi, Georgia- Tbilissi Fashion Week Oct 13-17

Moscow- Russian Fashion Week Oct 15-20

Los Angeles- L.A. Fashion Week Oct 14-21

Tokyo- Toyko Fashion Week Oct 17-21

Arlington, VA- Northern Virginia (NOVA) Fashion Week Oct 24-27

Lviv, Ukraine- Lviv Fashion Week Oct 25-30

November 2011

Vancouver, BC- Vancouver FW Nov 1-6

Dar es Salaa, Tanzania- Swahili Fashion Week Nov 3-5

Nassau, Bahamas- Islands of the World Fashion Week Nov 3-5

Lagos, Nigeria- Nigerian Fashion Week Nov 16-19

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam- Vietnam International Fashion Fair Nov 17-23

January 2012

Rio de Janeiro- Fashion Rio Jan 9-13

Milan- Men’s F/W '13 Jan 14-18

Hong Kong- Hong Kong Fashion Week Jan 16-19

Sao Paulo- Sao Paulo Fashion Week January 16- 21

Paris- Men’s F/W '13 Jan 18-22

Paris- Gaute Couture S/S '12 Jan 23-26

Berlin- Germany Fashion Week F/W '12 Dates TBA

Montreal, CA- Montreal Fashion Week F/W '12 Dates TBA

February 2012

New York- New York Fashion Week F/W '13 Feb 10-17

Milan- Milan Fashion Week F/W '13 Feb 22-28

Paris- Paris Fashion Week F/W '13 Feb 28- March 7

London- London Fashion Week F/W '13 Dates TBA

Washington D.C.- D.C Fashion Week Dates TBA March 2012

Lakme, India- Lakme Fashion Week Dates TBA

Los Angeles, CA- Style Fashion Week LA Dates TBA

Seoul, Korea- Seoul Fashion Week Dates TBA

April 2012

Vancouver, CA- Vancouver Fashion Week Dates TBA

Sydney, AU- Rosemount Australian Fashion Week Dates TBA

Cleveland, OH- Cleveland Fashion Week Dates TBA

June 2012

Milan- Moda Uomo Men’s S/S '13 June 23-27

Tokyo- Japan Fashion Week Dates TBA

July 2012

Paris- Men’s S/S '13 July 2-5