Fall Offerings from Hourglass Cosmetics Include a Break-Out Lash Lacquer

We’ve just finished with a marathon resort season, so now it’s time to talk about fall...makeup collections, that is. Yes, it’s not even the Fourth of July yet, but the fall makeup is trickling out slowly but surely. Hourglass, a high-end favorite of Angelina Jolie's, presented its new fall offerings with celeb makeup artist Gina Brooke, who has painted the pouts of Madonna, Anne Hathaway, and Naomi Campbell (bet Gina has some stories to tell)! It’s no secret that high-tech lash products are all the rage now, and Hourglass has a pretty stellar product to add to the mix. Called Film Noir Lash Lacquer, it’s billed as an “inky black top coat” for lashes. The product comes in a tube like mascara, but it’s applied with a small soft brush, sort of like what you see in some lip glosses. The lacquer is meant to be painted on your lashes over mascara.

We’ve just finished with a marathon

One word of warning: it takes a bit of work to remove it. I needed an entire makeup remover wipe, and a coating of Cerave in the shower to get it all off. It’s worth the effort, though, if you like really defined lashes. It will be available at Sephora online July 6 and in stores July 15, for $28.

Another notable product in Hourglass’ lineup is the Vol. 6 Eye Palette in Neo-Classic. A truly matte eye color palette--a trend for fall--it includes neutrals and two dark, highly pigmented accent colors in navy and black, which can be used wet or dry. This palette will be exclusive to Barneys and is available in August for $58.