Roundup: True Blood, the Latest Pop Culture Phenom to Inspire a Bunch of Weird Items

HBO has a good track record for shows that inspire products. (Exhibit A: Sex and the City.) Combine HBO's marketing genius, a brilliant show, and a culture that loves a good sexy vampire, and you end up with a lot of weird things inspired by True Blood. From the cool (like a makeup collab with Tarte cosmetics) to the kooky (nesting dolls and tattoos), True Blood influenced a lot of people to create a lot of really strange things. We don't really understand why people wear things inspired by TV shows, but look at all the people with Bart Simpson tattoos--some shows and characters are just that memorable. Click through to see some of the things inspired by the hit vampire show.

HBO has a good track record for shows that inspire products. (Exhibit A:

Rap Song:Last year

Handbags: Hammitt created five legit handbags, ranging in price from $395-$675. The best by far is the "Alcide," a werewolf-y faux fur bag printed with a wolf's face on the flap.

Australian Fashion Line: Aussie fashion label Saint Augustine Academy sent a goth-y, flowy, primarily black, white, and red collection down the runway during Australian Fashion Week.

Nesting Dolls: Crafter Ginger Williams-Cook also made a set of nesting dolls based on The Big Lebowski. Enough said.

Drink: A slightly sweet, slightly tart (and slightly gross) blood orange beverage.

Engagement Ring: Kate Middleton has nothing on Sookie. It's hard to decide which ring is uglier. It can be yours for only $54.99--a perfect starting point for your True Blood-themed wedding.