Latest Crazy Beauty Thing: Makeup Depicting Scenes From Disney Movies

Continuing with our crazy beauty trends kick, here's some insane eye and lip art from make-up artist Katie Alves. The girl can do with make-up what most people can barely do with paint, let alone on a tiny patch of fragile skin. The Disney themed eyelids are particularly amazing, although it's tough to decide which is cooler--an Alice in Wonderland panorama, or leopard winged eyeliner? She's even worked a little wordplay in there (think literal fish lips). Our minds are sufficiently blown. One possible problem: With this kind of art it might be difficult to display it and, you know, open your eyes at the same time. We're disregarding that minor detail; can we commission her for next Halloween? Check the slideshow of some of Alves most intricate work. Tell us, which is your favorite? And would you wear anything like this?

Continuing with our

Alice in Wonderland


The Lion King

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Snow White

Outer space.

New York City


Literal fish lips.

Of course, she does nails, too.