Who Knew There Was This Much Coke in Fashion?

Diet Coke has recently launched a fashion channel in connection with Yahoo! UK & Ireland called Style It Light, a site with as much focus on the promotion of Diet Coke (or Coca Cola Light) as it is the fashion news that makes up its content. This venture should come as no surprise. The brand has been integrating itself -- rather successfully--into the world of fashion for quite some time. Arguably the most chic of carbonated drinks, Coca Cola has sent redesigned bottles by Donatella Versace and Angela Missoni down a Milan runway, has been the focus of recycled interior decorating, and collaborated on several occasions with Karl Lagerfeld. Sponsored endeavors aside, we have noticed Coca Cola's involvement with fashion in another important role--that of the editorial accessory. Models have been posing with Coca Cola bottles and cans for photogs just as long as they've been drinking it. Though perhaps easily overlooked due to the Coca Cola symbol's ubiquitous nature, when you notice it once, they seem to show up everywhere. Take a look at some of the brand's editorial highlights.