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Nine of the Best Simple Black Leather Purses

2011's Beginners was a great film that made a lasting impression on me for a lot of reasons, one of which, I have to admit, was French actress Mélanie Laurent's effortless style. Most viewers probably don't give Ewan McGreggor's character's girlfriends' outfits much of a second thought, but that is precisely why they are so perfect. They are unpretentious, vaguely '70s and casual, but still chic in the way that a cool French actress spending some time in Los Angeles would dress. She looks comfortable and young but still put together. I left the theater wanting just about everything she wore (and a puppy and a French accent), but I still can't stop thinking about the chic, simple black leather shoulder strap bag she wore throughout most of the movie. I can't tell where exactly it's from--it might be vintage--but it feels like the one chic, versatile accessory missing from my wardrobe. I've been on the lookout ever since and luckily there are tons to choose from in all price ranges--from J. Crew to Coach to The Row. Take a look.
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Edie Purse, $238

Edie Pursette, $148

Jason Wu Mini Miss Wu Bag, $1,395

Coach Classics Leather Field Bag (I know it's a dark navy, but it's the same idea), $500

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