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A National Newspaper Mistakes Mary-Kate Olsen for Ashley--Here's A Look-by-Look Guide to Telling Them Apart

This morning, the UK's Daily Mail published a story that is headlined "Make-up free Ashley Olsen is unrecognisable in casual jeans and a shirt as she shares a smoke break with mystery man." However, the four pictures that accompany the article, each of which are captioned with Ashley's name, are all clearly of Mary-Kate (a lack of makeup is no excuse). To make matters worse, at the end of the story, they include a picture of the real Ashley Olsen with the caption "Usual style: Last week Mary-Kate was pictured taking her dog for a walk in an Amish-inspired white shirt and navy blue circle skirt." The thing is, that outfit is so Ashley's "usual style." What is particularly ironic about this mistake is that, in these photographs, each girl's outfit is an unmistakable representation of its wearer's style. This kind of mix-up was forgivable from the ages of 0-16 when they basically just wore the same outfits in different colors to every appearance, but now the recently-turned 25-year-old fashion designers have developed their own distinct way of dressing. Without studying their facial features (which look identical to me, even though they're fraternal), I can identify an Olsen in a snap based on what she's wearing. So, I've put together a guide on how to tell the Olsen twins apart based on their style, since there will obviously be several critical points in your life when you'll need to have this ability.
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This morning, the UK's

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The pictures in question, via Daily Mail

Who: Left: Mary-Kate, Right: Ashley

Why: Even though this look is more paired down than we're used to seeing from MK, it's very her in that it looks thrown together--the half-buttoned shirt, no makeup, messy hair, and she wears those jeans and beat-up flat leather boots often. Ashley's classic white button-down and super feminine circle skirt are too refined and ladylike for MK.

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Who: Ashley

Why: '90s Calvin Klein-inspired minimalism, no accessories or even nail polish, solid black. Mary-Kate would have had to pile 24 more patterns and/or accessories onto this dress.

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Who: Left: Ashley, Right: Mary-Kate

Why: Ashley wears a simple oatmeal ribbed sweater, while Mary-Kate has a printed velvet bag with studs and a loose black top--too gothic and too much going on for Ashley.

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Who: Mary-Kate

Why: She went through a whole wavy side-part phase but even if you didn't know that, there's the aviators, gothic accessories, and mixed prints (shoes and bag)

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Who: Mary-Kate

Why: Tough accessories like her signature Balenciaga booties, faded skinny jeans, mixed patterns (jacket and bag), one earring (yeah, I dunno, Ashley would never do that though).

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Who: Left: Mary-Kate, Right: Ashley

Why: This one is super tricky because they are practically wearing the same outfit. Aside from Mary-Kate's longer hair and less glowy skin, Ashley is wearing a simple crew-neck blouse, while Mary-Kate opted for a button-down. It's subtle but crew-necks are way more Ashley's thing.

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Who: Left: Mary-Kate, Right: Ashley

Why: Mary-Kate's messy hair, tired-looking skin and heavy lower eyeliner are all dead giveaways, as is the frillyness of Ashley's sheer polka-dotted frock.

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Who: Left: Ashley, Right: Mary-Kate

Why: Ashley's sky blue and peach color palette is much softer and girlier than anything Mary-Kate would wear. The bold, studded jacket and clashing cream purse is right up MK's alley.

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Who:Ashley Mary-Kate

Why:This one is tricky, but it's the fact that she chose to pair that crazy Prada fur scarf with a simple white shirt that has me convinced it's Ashley. MK would have added another print or color into the mix. Never over-think an Olsen twin's outfit.

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Who: Ashley

Why: Solid, simple maxi dresses in neutral colors with sandals and a classic handbag are her thing.

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Who: Mary-Kate Olsen

Why: At this point, you should know.

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Who: Left: Mary-Kate, Right: Ashley

Why: Mary-Kate's more relaxed look--an oversized shirt, medium-dark skinnies and the black flat leather boots that seem to have replaced her Balenciagas (she wears them all the time). And Ashley's rocking her signature minimalist maxi dress with flats look.