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Bieber May Be Magazine Poison, But He's Perfume Counter Gold. (And In Other Pop Star News, Taylor Swift Now Has a Fragrance)

While Justin Bieber may not be invited to cover magazines anymore due to poor issue sales, he doesn't need to worry about his popularity with his fan base quite yet. The Biebs' fragrance, Someday, destroyed sales records in its first month and is being called the most successful celebrity fragrance launch in history. Take that J. Lo and Beyonce! WWD reports that Someday brought in $3 million in less than three weeks (compare that to the previous best-selling launch, Beyonce's Heat, which made $3million in a month.) A spokesperson for Give Back Brands, which produces the scent, told WWD (gleefully) that retailers can't keep it in stock. (Ed. note: I think it smells pretty good. When I said this to my co-workers they looked at me blankly and said, "You do??") Only time will tell whether or not the Biebs can maintain this momentum.

While Justin Bieber may not be invited to cover magazines anymore due to

Speaking of pop stars and fragrance, Taylor Swift is entering the game with her first scent, Wonderstruck. Known for her deeply personal lyrics, the name comes from her song, "Enchanted." It's a gourmand scent, so expect it to be sweet, a nod to her young fan base. Notes include freesia, greet tea, and vanilla. Elizabeth Arden is producing Wonderstruck, which will hit shelves in October. The company told WWD that Swift was "involved" in the development, ultimately choosing the final scent that had also been most popular with testers (phew!).

The Wonderstruck bottle is purple (Swift's favorite color), is adorned with charms (she loves 'em), and had a hidden number 13 within the design (she thinks it's lucky). Let's see how lucky she is once sales numbers are released.

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