It Was Hot in Miami: The Best (and Weirdest) Looks from the Swimwear Shows

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week swimwear shows just finished in Miami. The swim shows are interesting because the models smile a lot more, everything is super colorful, and everyone's mostly naked. It's also the only place in the world--outside of a reality show set in LA--where a bikini with really high heels actually makes sense. Asses also figure very prominently, from the strategic coverage of them, to using them as a billboard for advertising. Intrigued? Click through to see a roundup of the best, coolest, and silliest things from the Miami swim runways this past week. *Photos: Getty

The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week swimwear shows just finished in Miami. The

Best Bridal Bikinis: Kate Upton, of Sports Illustrated modeling fame, walked down in a granny panty bridal bikini at the Beach Bunny show. Another model showed off a good way to cover up cellulite: wear a huge bow on your ass!

Most Likely To Be Worn by a Kardashian: Sequins, gold accents, and sexy cut-outs? Check! Send one to

Best For Tanning: If people theoretially went tanning anymore, which we know they don't because it's

Best Ass Advertising: Skyy Vodka certainly got our attention this week, first sending

Least Amount of Fabric Used on a Bikini Bottom: Sonia Vera wins this category, hands down.

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Best Strategically Placed Art Image: Lisa Blue used her suits as a canvas.

Least Flattering: If it doesn't look good on a model, there's no way it's going to look good on normal people. Sorry, Diesel.

Best Birds: Delores Cortes (left) and Lisa Blue win this one. No more feathers, please.

Most Inappropriate Beach Footwear: Not only are you going to fall down in the sand in this look by Red Carter, you're also going to get some really strange tan lines.

Best Braids: No fashion show is complete without some really good braids. Mara Hoffman wins.

Best Use of Props: L*Space by Monica Wise. Who applied all that sand?