Kardashian Kolors Koming Soon: Khloe and Kourtney Give a Sneak Peek of Their New OPI Nail Polish Colors

Remember that rumor a few months ago about the Kardashians collaborating on a nail polish line with OPI? It’s happening! It’s actually with OPI’s little sister brand, Nicole by OPI, but IT IS HAPPENING. The Kardashian girls, minus Kim, met with magazine editors yesterday to give everyone a peek at the new line. Both girls tweeted during the event, obviously. (And many thanks to Teen Vogue’s Eva Chen for tweeting like a maniac and putting up a blog post in record time about the press event.) Khloe tweeted, "Wow just had the most amazing lunch for our Nicole by OPI line with fabulous editors of so many glam magazines! #Dreaming"

Remember that rumor a few months ago about the

The names are as ridiculous as you would imagine, but without as many “K’s” as we were hoping for. Kourtney’s orange-red is called “Kourt is Redy for a Pedi” and Khloe’s steel blue is called “Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam.”

They were coy about the other colors and when exactly the line will be available, but we’re quite sure more news will “leak” soon. Stay tuned.

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