Kate Middleton Makes Some of the Same Makeup Mistakes as Britney Spears and Has 'Kitten Lips': A Celeb Makeup Artist Critiques the Duchess' Look Just For Us

Everyone generally falls all over themselves lauding Kate Middleton’s style. And admittedly, she always looks polished, respectable, and exudes a sense of propriety, which is what’s expected of her as a royal. There’s also been a lot of fuss about how she’s so low maintenance when it comes to her beauty routine (expect with that flowing mane of hers, for which she travels with her beloved and loyal hairdresser). Kate famously did her own makeup for her wedding, and has sort of stuck with the same formula ever since. I have said from the beginning that I think her makeup is a bit harsh and makes her seem older, which is not the look you want when you’re in your twenties. After say, age 19 when you’re trying to look older to get into bars, the goal should be age-appropriate. But I’m not a professional and it’s a miracle I can even apply mascara to myself, so I decided to elicit the opinion of an expert to really break down Kate’s look. Brett Freedman has been a makeup artist in the industry since the early 90s, working with actresses and musicians ranging from Vanessa Hudgens and Selena Gomez to Camilla Belle, Sienna Miller, and Catherine Zeta Jones. He is also the founder of Vanitymark cosmetics, a boutique line of brow tools, lip balm and body makeup. Brett was not afraid to critique Kate, and calls her K.Mil, which further endeared him to me. Of her look, Brett said, “K.Mil has such a polished look that it borders on boring." *gasp* Here are his thoughts about her look (and it’s full of tips for us regular people, too):

Everyone generally falls all over themselves lauding

EYES: I have a feeling she rims her eyes with dark liner because she wants her eyes to pop when being photographed. Also, she's probably going long stretches without touch up time. This is a safe, vivid standby that I think can be improved. I would rim the eye with a medium brown shade, like MAC's Teddy eyeliner. It has a little shimmer and will define her eyes without looking so 'lady-who-lunches' harsh. This will really soften up the under eye a lot. Doing equally dark under eye and top is a missed opportunity to give your eye lift and sex appeal. Imagine a softer brown under and the deeper charcoal she favors just on top. This would shift the focus on the eye to the top and add lift. Why drag the bottom lash line down?

LASHES: Same with the lashes. Focus on the top lash line. Curl, mascara, repeat. Just darken the bottom lashes...don't thicken or try to have them draw focus. I've used a different shade for lower lashes entirely. Black on top, brown on bottom to ensure softness. Britney Spears had the same trouble when she first emerged on the scene. Too much on her lower lash line gave her a hung-dog look that marred her.

EYELIDS: I like her smoked-out neutral on the lid. Gives a little drama and always photographs beautifully. She's smart not to use anything too warm or reddish brown. That could look dirty and low rent.

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BROWS:She needs to watch (as all gals do) not to highlight the brow bone with anything but champagne. Nothing silvery white, it looks too artificial and can grab a flash from a camera in the most unflattering way. She has terrific brows but a little definition would be nice. Just a little pencil or powder a shade lighter than the brow hairs to give a shadow of definition. I would even up the entire top of the brow line, up and out.

Brett's final thought? She's not making terrible mistakes, but a few changes could make all the difference. This is probably true for most of us.

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