Obsessed with Your Tresses? Here's Our Roundup of the Best Hair Blogs Out There

In a recent interview, Glenda Bailey, the EIC of Harper’s Bazaar, was explaining the differences between European and American magazines. She said, “You know, the American sensibility is different. In Europe, sex sells. In America, it’s hair.” This may be true. Blake Lively made headlines for a week when she went red. And whenever a starlet chops a pixie, there’s mass hysteria. Hair is a symbol of sexuality, femininity, and often the first thing you notice about a person. It’s a big deal. We decided to do a round up of the most interesting hair blogs out there. And trust us, there are many, many hair blogs. Maybe even more hair blogs than sex sites. Maybe. Click through to see our favorite hair sites, from the professional to the fun to the niche.

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Short Hair Style: We (and by we, we mean “Cheryl”) veer into short hair territory every few years or so, and 2011 is one of those years. This site, run by a hair stylist, is a bit disorganized, but there’s a forum section where readers can post questions, and lots of good “inspiration” pictures.