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Ranking the Fall 2011 Ads, Part 2

Since our last roundup of Fall 2011 ads, some of the biggest campaigns have been released. From Chanel's cats to Balenciaga's church-going models, these ads are decidedly thematic. That being said, not all are successful. Most have the guts to get consumers into the stores, but some fall short and enter into parody territory. Click through and see for yourself.
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Since our last roundup of Fall 2011 ads, some of the biggest campaigns have been released. From Chanel's cats to Balenciaga's church-going models, these ads are decidedly thematic.

That being said, not all are successful. Most have the guts to get consumers into the stores, but some fall short and enter into parody territory. Click through and see for yourself.

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1. Loewe (tie) Doesn't it just seem like Katie Grand can do no wrong? Loewe's fall campaign stars a svelte Mariacarla Boscono and Loewe's newest flamingo bags in a neon palette. Shot by Mert and Marcus, the ads are a powerful branding tool for a luxury label looking to up its game.

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1. Valentino (tie) A monochrome nude advertisement could easily get lost in the shuffle of a magazine's pages, but not this one from Valentino. The casting is spot-on perfect, with models Ruby Aldridge, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Jac Jagaciak, Kim Dall Armi, and Sara Blomqvist playing off each others' stark beauty. The same stark beauty runs through the clothes. Simple and elegant, understated, dramatic. All good words for your product to be associated with.

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2. Chanel Eyewear Camellia, Claudia, cat-eye... Chanel's AW11 eye wear campaign is an eye catcher. The image is simple and architectural, and is focused on the beauty of the eye wear.

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3. Givenchy Ricardo Tisci's exotic, erotic Fall 2011 collection is a perfect fit for Naomi Campbell. Campbell poses on a pillow sized for a jaguar while doing her best jag impression. The understated luxe wood surroundings put the focus on Tisci's photogenic clothes. Sexy, alluring, tongue-in-cheek, this ad is a complete 180 from last season's pure whiteness (still resonating at couture), and we're impressed by Givenchy's range.

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4. Yves Saint Laurent Raquel Zimmerman rocks a Bieber-esque 'do for YSL's fall campaign. The background of skyscrapers and a presumably '80s office setting interacts with Stefano Pilati's uber-tailored menswear meets womenswear collection. The overall feel is a little off, but in a good way--just unique enough to catch a consumer's eye.

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5. Jil Sander Couture après-ski was the general consensus on Jil Sander AW11, so naturally Raf Simons had to throw something else into the mix for the fall campaign. Model Daria Strokus poses in front of a blurry lightscape and with a piece of wood furniture, obliterating the ski sentiment. That was a good call on Simons' part because the geometry of the simple shapes and dark palette only highlights the refinement of his garments.

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6. Jil Sander Navy If Jil Sander Navy is the younger sister to Jil Sander, she's definitely a got the little sis image down pat. Jil Sander Navy takes some traits from Jil Sander (namely, minimalism) but adds a youthful slouchiness and carelessness. And who better than Arizona Muse to embody this nonchalant and arty girl?

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7. Marc by Marc Jacobs Are we reaching Elle Fanning saturation point yet? Personally, I think I'm definitely close. Yes, she's perfect and cute and blonde and well spoken, but she's everywhere! (From Rodarte, to Chanel, and now Marc by Marc Jacobs...)

Sure the Juergen Teller lensed ads are perfect for the MxMJ brand (whimsical, nonchalant, hipster-cool), but the MxMJ team could have gone for just as unlikely a choice as Helena Bonham Carter to really win over the hearts of the fashion set. (Though to be fair, the mall-going set will be swayed by these ads, so it's good marketing.)

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8. Miu Miu (tie) Hailee Steinfeld is another girl who is poised to sell clothes to adults, and I'm kind of buying it. First off, the clothes are so ladylike, that they're hard to resist, and these Bruce Weber images for Miu Miu's fall campaign add a certain humanity to the sometimes artfully sterile brand. Gone is the super-leggy Lindsey Wixson (also 14 at the time), and the lacquered Kasia Struss and Sasha Pivovarova. Instead there's a messy haired teen in the unruly wild. The only problem is the "I've got something in my eye pose" which makes Steinfeld look even younger.

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8. Bottega Veneta (tie) Don't think for a second that Bottega Veneta's refined '60s woman has come undone--she's just reflecting on the artful weaving of her classic tote bag. BV's campaigns consistently focus on the psyche of the wearer, making the ads alluring to the thoughtful customer. Don't you just want to be Isabeli Fontana? The only downside to this ad is the vastness of the interior space compared to the clothes. In a magazine I'm not sure the image with have the full effect.

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9. Thierry Mugler Angel Sparkly and sexy, Eva Mendes shines in Thiery Mugler's new campaign for Angel, the house's famous fragrance. Mendes was an easy choice as muse: she has a killer body and a seductive stare, not to mention a really tense, muscular arm to hold that perfume bottle with. The ad is a little flouncy for Mugler, who's fragrance image has long verged on sci-fi with the Alien fragrances, but if this is turning over a new sweet leaf, than it's a good first step.

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10. Balenciaga From the church to the bathroom Balenciaga's got you covered. Wait, no. That's not right. Although it is the message Balenciaga is sending for fall.

The Fall 2011 collection was architecturally minded, so the cathedral and tiled settings make sense, they are just incongruous with each other. If Balenciaga had chosen just one of these images, it would have been number one on our list, but together, it just doesn't tell a consistent narrative.

But maybe it's the difference that Balenciaga desires. Remember the ghoulish lurker in the spring campaign? He was definitely an outlier.

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11. Oscar de la Renta OdlR is channeling a windswept woman this fall--the kind that wears black tie makeup and metallic red tights in the daytime. You can't go wrong with Oscar's gorgeous clothes, but the up-the-nose angle just isn't selling them in the best way.

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12. Alberta Feretti A serene Arizona Muse looks ready for a '70s themed party at Le Bain in Alberta Feretti's fall campaign. But the setting and styling are a little too spot-on-seventies to be relevant today.

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13. Chanel The combination of Carine, Karl, and Freja held lots of promise for Chanel's Fall 2011 campaign, and while we love cats, we're somewhat stunned to see that this is the final image the creative trio came up with. Remember the first leaked images that hit the net right around Cannes time? We much prefer that sexy ingenue aesthetic over cats. Sorry.

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14. Blumarine Adriana Lima is sexy, we get it. We get it so much that her sex appeal is distracting from the clothes completely. This campaign reads more like an editorial featuring Lima than a series of advertisements meant to sell Blumarine clothing.

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15. Jo Malone Bluebell Don't get me wrong, there's nothing I love to do more than frolic in a field of bluebells with some bunnies, but watching Iekeliene Stange do it dressed as Little Bo Peep is less than enthralling.